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Top 3 Major Reasons You Should Get Invisalign

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Imagine getting the same results you’d get from braces, but without the pain and metal?

We aren’t all born with naturally straight teeth, unfortunately, but there’s plenty you can do to improve the look of your smile. Many dental patients are turning away from traditional metal braces and enjoying the Invisalign treatment instead.

Invisalign works similarly to braces but use clear retainers instead of metal bands. If you’re interested in getting straighter teeth, keep reading to find three major reasons to check out Invisalign.

1. Invisalign Gives You a Beautiful Smile

Why get Invisalign? The main reason is to have a beautiful, straight smile.

With Invisalign, your teeth will gently be straightened over time—about 12 months for the average adult. The clear plastic aligners will work to give you a perfectly straight smile, creating the look you’ve always wanted.

Beyond that, straight teeth play a huge factor in our self-confidence. If you’re unhappy with how you look, you’re less likely to smile in photos, plus you may feel insecure in work or social situations.

Many people find their straight teeth help them feel happier and more confident.

2. They Can Be Taken On and Off

With traditional braces, they are fastened to your teeth and can only be taken off by your orthodontist. Not only does this make it obvious to everyone that you have braces, but it also limits what you can eat—hard foods like crunchy popcorn or biting into an apple can damage your braces.

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One of the major benefits of Invisalign is that your aligners can be taken on and off. This is convenient for eating, as it means you aren’t limited in your diet.

Although the aligners are nearly invisible, you can still take them off for special occasions. However, for best results, they should be worn all the time, except when you’re eating or drinking.

Invisalign is great for teens as well, who may not want braces for their senior school photos–check out this link to learn more.

3. Minimal Discomfort

There’s no avoiding the fact that braces hurt. The metal wires and bands irritate your skin, put pressure on your gums, and your mouth feels sore for a few days after each appointment.

However, getting Invisalign is much less painful. There are no wires or metal, just smooth surfaces that will fit comfortably into your mouth.

With modern treatments like Invisalign available, there’s no need to suffer the discomfort of braces.

Create Your Perfect Smile with Invisalign

As you can see, Invisalign or braces is a simple choice—go with the option that will provide you more comfort and won’t interrupt your lifestyle. If any of the reasons above resonate with you, talk to your doctor or orthodontist about Invisalign.

They can let you know if it’s the right option for you and can help you get started. Soon, you’ll be on your way to having a beaming, bright smile!

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