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How Couples Sleep Affects the Quality of Their Relationships

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How Couples Sleep Affects the Quality of Their Relationships

We all know sleep is important. But did you know that it does more than just protect your physical health and mental health? It actually greatly impacts your romantic relationships!

Do you and your romantic partner have opposite sleep habits or patterns? Wondering how couples sleep can make or break a relationship?

In this article, we’re covering the impact sleep has on relationships, and tips and tricks for improving the quality of your sleep.

How Couples Sleep Affects the Quality of Their Relationships

Do you find yourself irritable around your partner, or suddenly dissatisfied with your relationship? Poor sleep quality may be to blame! Here are some of the major ways sleep quality (or lack thereof) can impact your romantic relationship.

Sleep Quality Affects Your Emotions

Did you know sleep deprivation impacts the part of your brain associated with emotions? People who get less sleep are more likely to deal with symptoms of depression and stress and overreact to situations they may normally be fine in.

These changes in emotion can cause conflict between partners and cause them to overreact or be indifferent to their partner’s emotions.

What’s worse? Your partner may not even recognize these changes in their behavior and think they’re a suitable response. So, if you or your partner find yourselves anxious or aggressive take a second to think about how your quality of sleep has been. If it’s been bad, try to rest a bit before engaging in any conversations or conflict.

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Good Sleep Quality Makes You Empathetic

According to a recent study, people with better sleep are more likely to be empathetic to another person’s distress. This means they’re better able to read other people’s emotions and empathize more effectively in romantic conflicts.

Empathy is key to a healthy romantic relationship and its longevity, so if you’re not sleeping well it’s imperative that you address the problem.

Poor Sleep Quality Can Make You Sick

Sleep can put you at risk of developing a wide range of health issues, including heart disease, depression, and even diabetes. Sleep deprivation can even make you develop the common cold. Sickness can take a toll on any relationship and contribute to greater stress and anxiety between romantic partners.

Poor Sleep Quality Can Lead to an Unhappy Relationship

A great relationship is one in which you and your partner feel happy, close to each other, and secure in the partnership. Poor sleep quality undermines all of these things. It introduces relationship woes, hurts your sense of humor, and makes you grumpier and unpleasant to be around.

Changing one’s sleep habits can improve the quality of your relationship. Research also suggests that sleep deprivation can make you less attractive to your partner, which is something no one wants.

So, if you want to stay happy and satisfied in your relationship, we recommend you make quality sleep a priority.

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Final Thoughts on Sleep Quality

How couples sleep can greatly impact the overall happiness and longevity of a relationship. So, if you or your partner are struggling to get a good night’s sleep, make that a priority now.

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