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Seven ways Sweet and organic Almond Oil  heals your Skin

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Lightweight, Powerful and Effective.

All of these can be attributed to the sweet almond oil. If you like and already used to snack on almonds, then you know its benefits I take. But did you know it is also known to be very healing and used for the skin from the time of the Roman era or even before? But let’s answer a common confusion first.


Almond oil vs. sweet almond oil: What’s the difference?

You may have had some confusion for choosing between almond oil vs. sweet almond oil. The regular almond oil is the bitter almond oil, which is mainly used for flavor and scent. While sweet almond oil is the best of skin. Here we are going to talk about the benefits of sweet almond oil.


How does Sweet and organic Almond oil help your Skin?

Packed with vitamin E

Sadly, The tightness of skin starts to be gone by our thirties.

Almond oil is full of vitamin E. we all know 6how good vitamin E is for our skin as it has anti-oxidant, which saves skin from the pollution damage. Oxidative stress lowers the collagen production of our skin to the level that we age earlier. Vitamin E protects us from this. It makes the skin look supple soft and keep wrinkle away.


Fatty acid heals cracked lips and irritated skin.

You may suffer from cracked lips and irritated skin. Almond oil has a bunch of fatty acids that are extremely good for our skin. It helps to retain moisture in our skin. Sweet almond oil helps you to get moisturized skin and lips and calms down irritated skin.

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Vitamin A helps in cleaning the pores.

Your pores do not get hundred percent clean after we wipe out makeup from the face. Sweet almond oil contains vitamin A, and its ability to penetrates our skin gently is quite useful. It helps to clear out pores. O The dirt accumulates on the skin and causes pimple. When vitamin A penetrates the skin, it cleans out from the deep and ensures a clearer skin.


But the sweet almond oil itself clog your pores?

The short answer would be no. Sweet almond is non- comedogenic. It will not accumulate on your skin and clog the pores. People with oily skin may feel skeptical about using oil on their face. But this oil is lightweight and does not clogs pore. So there is nothing to worry. If it does not suit your skin well then you have the option to use it on your hands and feet.


Helps with dark circles under the eye

Eye creams are so expensive that is not affordable anymore but dark circles do not look at your budget. It just comes. You can get almond oil if you are not able to afford expensive eye creams. It does not work the same obviously, but it does improve the darkness. Also, the lightweight texture moisturizes the area and makes the risk of aging lesser.


Effective in Treating sunburns

Some of us look peeled after getting a sunburn. It is not only awful to look like but also bad for skin in the future. Sunburnt skin tends to age faster than others. If you put a little amount of sweet almond oil on the burnt area, the skin will calm down a little bit. To remove the burned color, you can use Aloe Vera as well.

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Good Makeup remover and Helps brittle nails

Makeup remover tissue wipes are not great for the skin as these contain so many chemicals. Micellar waters are not even great for the irritated skin. Some oil cleansers clog our pores. Then what is the solution of removing makeup? Yes, there is sweet almond oil to save your skin. This non-irritating oil gently eliminates every bit of makeup from the skin. Make sure you’re doing the double cleansing to keep the skin safer from being clogged.


Also, If you are someone who cannot able to make a good nail art then give a try to make and use nail oil with sweet almond oil. It does make a difference.



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