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Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding for Medical Items

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Plastic Injection Molding for Medical Items

There are several types of plastic products used in hospitals and clinics are medicinal parts, appliances and pharmaceutical equipment all across the world. The application of plastic is endless. It is because plastic injection molding is best to manufacture large numbers of similar, close-tolerance items. It involves solid and hollow as well as semi-hollow products. It is not just versatile, but several plastic resins have showcased their usage in several items which are already approved. Hence it is simpler to get approval for new products on the same raw material. Here are the major reasons why you should consider plastic injection molding for medical items:

Reliable and process control

Plastic injection molding has a 100 year old history which means the procedure is constantly refined and enhanced to the core. Hence it is highly reliable and completely stable. With modeling software easily accessible, the guesswork is completely removed from the tool design. And with the advanced digital controls on the plastic injection molding machine, one can easily tune the procedure parameters and get perfect results and bring the production lead time to lowest.

High volumes

The injection molding projects commence with a molding tool and dies. For a complicated shape, you need a complicated mold tool. Hence, before making a single part, you should consider the primary product development investment.

However, after the tool gets approval, it is possible to make ten thousands of duplicate parts in plastic budget-friendly and quickly. Bigger quantities tend to recoup the tooling prices with time due to cheaper rate per part. It is great for general products such as tubes, containers and single-use items such as syringes.

Perfect for enclosures

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Injection molding is recommended majorly for cases and enclosures. Technically it is possible to make use of other procedures to make a box like CNC machining as well as vacuum casting. But these methods are comparatively slow and use more raw materials. This is why you should go for low quantity or customized orders when you do not wish to make an investment in a tool.

Enclosures are available in different shapes and sizes. Some are simple such as tool holding tray or tablet dispensers. You can go for big plastic housings for pharmaceutical equipment. Plastic is comparatively light in weight, long lasting and cost effective. It also doesn’t get affected with electromagnetic energy and radiation during CAT scan, MRIs.   


You have literally thousands of plastic resins to select from present in the commercial market. In case you need a particular design for you, you can get in touch with plastic injection molding companies. They will design resins suitable for medical applications. The resins have physical and chemical properties which are simple to understand so it is simple to select the one which is suitable for its end product. You have resins which are resistant to heat, chemically stable, light in weight, biodegradable and strong. Plastic is widely recommended for prosthetics, joint replacement and other things which remain in constant contact with human body.

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