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How to Reduce Blood Pressure: High Blood Pressure vs Low Blood Pressure

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While evaluating different diseases, there are many like blood pressure that is important for people of all age groups. If you are linking the blood pressure with Diabetes, then do know both of them can exist independently as well. Having blood pressure can be a significant risk factor for developing strokes, severe heart diseases, and other complicated diseases like Diabetes. Often people try to associate high blood pressure and diabetes, and at times, people take medication for both of them.

What is blood pressure

The blood pressure is known to be the pressure of blood flowing from the arteries and is being pumped by the heart. On comparing high blood pressure vs low blood pressure, you will find both have different symptoms to pursue. People facing high blood pressure can report the symptoms like Nose bleeding, headaches, trouble in breathing, Black-outs, vision issues, etc. For low blood pressure, some of the evident signs are blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, irregular heartbeat, etc.

Blood Pressure Numbers:

The blood pressure is usually measured in numbers as two figures like 124/80 mmHg. The first number here is known as systolic pressure, the tension in arteries known for heart contraction. The second number is known as diastolic pressure; the pressure in the arteries when the heart relaxes.

Causes of high blood pressure:

Too high blood pressure often results in building up of cholesterol within the walls of the blood vessels. It can cause narrowing of the blood vessels, causing restrictions in the flow of blood and raising the blood pressure. Narrowed arteries can increase the heart problems and also cause stroke issues if less blood reaches out to vital organs of the body and blocks the blood flow.

When can high blood pressure bring any issues for people having Diabetes?

If your resting level of blood pressure increases and which in turn results in vascular problems and increases risk of heart as well as a series of diseases for kidney, vision, and diabetes complications. The High blood pressure can be associated with the poor circulation known for causing foot ulcers, leading to foot amputations if foot care is not taken on time.

The urine test can keep a check for blood or protein in the urine. The blood test can also be performed for kidney functions, ECG, and cholesterol.

The high blood pressure levels increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and symptoms of kidney damage. The high blood pressure is also known for damaging the arteries and straining the heart for years.

How to control blood pressure

Do you know how to stay fit even without any medication? We are here to tell you about various remedies that can help you in lowering down your blood pressure naturally. These remedies will answer an obvious question of how to reduce blood pressure? Let’s know about them:

1. Exercise and walk regularly:

Exercise and walk regularly

Regular exercise can help you in staying healthy at any age and in making your heart stronger. It is also considered as one of the best things for lowering your blood pressure. If you exercise regularly for about 150 minutes every week including walking and simple stretching exercises or follow a routine of 75 minutes of vigorous exercise including running every week, can help in lowering down your blood pressure and improving your heart health.

If you can walk for just thirty minutes a day can help in lowering your blood pressure, and more exercise can reduce it further.

2. Reduce your Sodium Intake:

Reduce your Sodium Intake

Nowadays, the intake of salt is higher all over the world. People rely on processed foods for their meals, and many public health organizations are making their efforts for lowering the salt intake in the food industry. According to many medical practitioners, the consumption of salt can be linked with rising blood pressure and other heart events like stroke. But still, there is not much evidence about the relationship between high blood pressure and Sodium.

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Genetic differences for people and their inclination for sodium consumption also plays a significant role. The chances are high that people having high blood pressures and a chunk of the normal levels are sensitive to salt. In any case, if you have high blood pressure, try to cut your sodium intake and see the difference. Try to replace your processed foods with a fresh one and can also season your food with spices and herbs rather than salt.

3. Reduce alcohol consumption:

reduce alcohol consumption

Drinking too much alcohol can raise your blood pressure. If taken care of the statistics, about 16% of the patients having high blood pressure are linked with consumption of alcohol anyhow. In countries like the United States, it is suggested that no more than a single drink for women and two drinks for me are reasonable. More than the high quantity can create a bad influence.

Try to limit your drinking habits as the rising quantity will make an impact on your blood pressure.

4. Try to consume potassium-rich foods:

potassium-rich foods

Like any other ingredient, Potassium is one of the essential materials required in the menu. It allows the user to get rid of the amount of Sodium and ease of any extra pressure being exerted on the blood vessels. Nowadays, the food is prepared with the increasing intake of Sodium and have a decreasing amount of Potassium.

To own a balance between the Sodium to Potassium in your daily diet, try to include fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than processed ones.

There are many foods, particularly quite high in Potassium levels and are required to be included in your daily diet are listed below:

  • Nuts, beans, and seeds
  • Dairy products like yogurt and milk
  • Fruits including bananas, oranges, apricots, and melons
  • Vegetables like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, leafy greens and potatoes
  • Salmon and Tuna
  • Consuming Potassium-rich food in your regular meals will undoubtedly lower your blood pressure.

5. Cut down the Caffeine content:

Cut down the Caffeine content:

Caffeine is known for instant boosting the blood pressure count. A cup of coffee is at times enough to increase the blood pressure, but it has also been seen that people with a habit of tea and coffee are not confronted with any sudden rise.

If you regularly consume tea and coffee, the count of blood pressure remain stable and have a lower risk of heart diseases. Caffeine seems to have a stronger effect if you do not consume it regularly. So, if you find your blood pressure count going up after the consumption of caffeine, try to cut back yourself.

6. Stress Management:

stress management

Stress is always one of the significant keys to aggravate many health problems, and blood pressure is one of them. If you are chronically stressed person, your body will continually be in fight or flight mode. Resulting in fast heart rate and shrinking blood vessels. On experiencing stress, it is more likely that individuals found inclination towards drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy foods as the same can adversely affect your blood pressure.

Many studies have stated how a reduction in stress can help in controlling your blood pressure. Below are the two evidence-based tips to try when you want to get relief from stress:

  • Manage your work: Nowadays, people ought to become a workaholic, and when it is combined with a stressful work situation, then chances are quite high that the individuals can face issues related to the heart. Try to manage your work efficiently and effectively so that it will not intervene in your daily life.
  • Try listening to relaxing music: Undoubtedly calm music can relax your whole nervous system. Many researchers state that soothing music complements blood pressure therapies.

7. Eat cocoa or dark chocolate:

Eat cocoa or dark chocolate

Being rich in flavonoids the dark chocolate or cocoa is said to have plant compounds causing the blood vessels of consumers to dilate. It is often recommended to consume small amounts of chocolate instead of drinking the whole lot.

One of the variants of cocoa known as the non-alkalized cocoa powder is quite abundant in flavonoids does not possess any added sugar. The cocoa can improve the health of your heart, inclusive of blood pressure.

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8. Weight loss:

weight loss

Being overweight is also a significant issue for the heart. According to the experts losing about 5% of the body mass can influence the blood pressure in lowering down. Losing weight through exercises allows you to contract and expand and making it easier for your heart left ventricle to pump blood at full velocity.

This is the reason if the weight loss is paired with the exercises, then the impact on the body will be much higher. A healthy reading of heart can be less than 120/80 mm Hg.

9. Quit your smoking habit:

Quit your smoking habit

The smoking habit can put your heart to risk. Every puff taken of cigarette can increase the blood pressure. As the tobacco is said to be comprised of chemicals, it can damage your blood vessels too. There is no link between high blood pressure and smoking, as there are reports that smokers develop a lot of tolerance with time.

But yes, the smoking habits, together with high blood pressure, can raise the blood pressure to a level while quitting can reverse the case.

10. Berries lower blood pressure:

Berries lower blood pressure

Berries are juicy, known to everyone but they are packed with polyphenols and natural plant compounds too, the elements considered quite good for the heart. A small study was conducted having middle-aged people eating berries for about eight weeks. Various participants were found to experience improvement in their heart health. Regular consumption of berries will allow you to seek an answer to how to lower blood pressure in minutes.

11. Practicing meditation and deep breathing:

Practicing meditation and deep breathing

Undoubtedly meditation or deep breathing exercises are some of the stress reduction techniques known to everybody. This system is said to engage the processes in a way that it relaxes your body, heart rates, and lower your body temperature. During the research, a flock of people was asked to take deep breaths for about thirty seconds while others were just allowed to sit for the next thirty seconds. People taking deep breaths were found to have lower blood pressure than the group just sitting.

Both of these practices are well for activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows your heart rate and lowers down your body temperature.

12. Consume Calcium-rich foods:

calcium rich foods

People often consuming Calcium-rich food are known for having high blood pressure. For adults, the amount of calcium recommended for every adult is 1,000 mg per day while for the people above the age of 50 years, the quantity can go up to 1200 mg per day. For the same try to add green leafy vegetables, beans, tofu, etc. to your meals.

13. Consume natural supplements:

natural supplements

Many natural supplements can be an answer to how to lower blood pressure in minutes. Below we have described a few of the supplements that if consumed naturally, can bring good heart health for you.

  • Berberine: The herb is used in many Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and known for increasing nitric oxide production in the body, and responsible for keeping the blood pressure under control.
  • Fish Oil: Known for improving heart health, fish oil is recommended for people with high blood pressure.
  • Garlic extract: It is used as a stand-alone treatment with the other conventional therapies for lowering blood pressure.
  • Whey Protein: Regular consumption of Whey protein improves blood pressure.
  • Hibiscus: These flowers are well-known for making delicious tea and are rich in polyphenols and anthocyanins and are suitable for the heart and can control the blood pressure as well.

14. Magnesium Rich food:

Magnesium Rich food

It is an essential mineral known for relaxing your blood vessels. For high blood pressure, experts recommend Magnesium-rich diet. The patients facing high blood pressure can include Magnesium through dairy products, chicken, whole grains, meat, and legumes.

Blood Pressure is an important issue for the health and if the above-stated tips are taken care then it will surely result in perfect health for the heart of any individual. Do follow them and allow yourself to stay healthy and wealthy throughout your life. These tips will allow you to know the various ways of how to reduce blood pressure.

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