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How to Have Smooth Skin and Sunscreen Formulas

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Having soft skin is not complicated! Just some tricks, habits and easy tips that can work. soft and clean skin can attract anyone that is why it is necessary for you to give some attention to your skin. Pamper yourself and have a sublime skin all year round. Check out our 10 expert tips for attraction.

  • During the winter months, you particularly like baths and showers with hot water. Warning! Exposing your skin to too much heat can damage it. 
  • Less is better when you think of scented products. They are often irritating to your fragile skin. It is better to choose products without dye, without perfume and without “antibacterial” formula(which often dries the skin).
  • Take two good habits. First, hydrate your body after a shower (or bath) when your skin is clean and ready to receive this treatment. The emollient will help your skin retain moisture and make it soft. Second, indulge in bed! It’s also the place and time to pamper your skin. Keep a moisturizing lotion on your bedside table. Add it to your to-do list, before falling asleep, which brings you a feeling of freshness and promotes relaxation and well-being.
  • To prevent ingrown hairs, use a vegetable sponge or horsehair glove and rub your skin in small circular motions. In addition, this gesture will gently remove the skin that peels. Remember to rinse your sponge well and hang it to dry but if you have pimples and acne, read this guide how to remove pimple marks fast and naturally.
  • No need to spend too much to take care of your skin! Baby powder keeps your skin clean and dry. Apply in strategic places where there is friction or moisture (such as inside the thighs, under the breasts, armpits, etc.).
  • Your skin is not uniform everywhere! Think about the skin on your feet and the one on your breasts. Sometimes special care is needed depending on the areas and types of skin. A reminder: our neck, our bust, and our breasts must receive the same care as our face. Avoid wearing a horsehair glove on this area (elsewhere, it’s excellent!) And do not use too much scented products.
  • Aloe is useful in summer when you have sunbathed, but at all times, it relieves the skin and reactivates the regeneration of cells. We can also keep a plant to break a branch when we need it.
  • Two enemies with beautiful skin: the sun (or the tan in the cabin!) And tobacco. An ally: drink plenty of water. It’s your turn!
  • Are you loyal to your products? Did you know that it can play you a trick? Your skin changes with the seasons, your health and your habits and it needs different products and different vitamins. Find the right product for your needs and take the opportunity to change your products at least four times a year.
  • Oils are the new favorite products that we see grow everywhere! You can buy them, but know that it is also possible to use some natural oils directly. They are effective for softening, softening, pampering and moisturizing your skin. Choose from, among others: almond oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil and olive oil. For example, mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon and gently massage your skin.
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Pro tips: 

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Sunscreen formulas

  • Now, there are several types of sunscreen formulas.
  • There is the traditional cream, but also the formula spray (pretty great with children or when you have dirty hands or full of sand).
  • “Sport” formulas are usually water-repellent and resist perspiration. Last summer, we saw the version in “foam” light – with moisturizers – which allows a gentle application.
  • There are also “oil-free” formulas especially appreciated for the face or “oils” with high SPF.
  • It is also thought to get a stick – often called “stick” – protector for the face and also for the lips. We forget them too often.

If we take care of our skin during sun exposure, we must never forget to do the same after too. The skin dries up in the sun. It will need a good hydration so as not to be damaged. So we think to see a proper after-sun care to nourish our skin and not leave it thirsty.

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