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How to Choose the Best Oncologist – 8 Points to Consider !

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Choose the Best Oncologist

Cancer is not a mild disease that can be taken lightly and when it comes to treatment, you have to make yourself double sure for the Cancer Treatment he best Oncologist.

Unless there are any urgent symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or pain, there is still some time to research for your Oncologist.

It is quite tough and big decision. You must ask as many questions as much you can to make sure if the Oncologist and the cancer treatment centre is suited your needs and there is every facility for a cancer patient.

It may be confusing for you to research like this for your Doctor. That is why we have here explained you some tips to find the best Oncologist for you who can give you the best treatment.

How to Choose the best Oncologist

how to choose the best oncologist

#1 Referral From Your First Doctor

Doctors generally have contacts to other specialists as well. They may advise the best doctor for you from their experience. Your doctor who used to be your primary doctor may also be familiar with any other expert.

#2 Contact With More Doctors

Contacting with more than one Doctor will make choosing the best of them. You will also have options for you to select the best for you.

#3 Select a Hospital which has a Multidisciplinary Strategy

The Oncologist will admit you in his/ her hospital. This is really important that the hospital has a Multidisciplinary approach. Make sure the hospital facilitates patients with all the necessary beings such as medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons etc. In order to receive the best treatment plan, you must consider the hospital staffs and facility of the Place.

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#4 Know the Expertise of the Oncologist

Ask your oncologists and surgeons some question in order to know what is the credential and expertise of them. Ask them some questions very politely and make sure they do not get offended by it. Here are some questions which you can ask an Oncologist or just find about him and not ask directly-

Things you should find about Your Oncologist:

  • Is he/ she a board certified in his/ her speciality?
  • Ask if he/ She treated the same type of cancer earlier which you have. If yes, how many times he/ she does that?
  • How many patients are there seen at the treatment centre of that Oncologist, Is there anyone else with this type of cancer treatment at that place?
  • Ensure if there is a particular that works together for the best treatment of your’s type of cancer?

#5 See the Ratings and Reviews of your Doctor

You can see the reviews of the particular Oncologist or Hospital. Hospitals and treatment centres often publish results of patient surveys or statistical data. They also have websites and social media pages where you can see what real people are saying about them and what are their reviews and ratings.

#6 Find Some Trusted Sources

If possible meet real people and talk to them who have been treated by the same oncologist you are thinking to get treatment. Ask your friends and relatives as well and take their recommendations. Support groups and local branches of cancer foundations are also helpful for this.

#7 Find Out if the Treatment Centre has a Proper team

how to choose the best oncologist

Find out if the treatment centre is providing a proper support staff for patients. There must be important staff such as nurses, nutritionists, counsellors etc. so that if you need any help, there are always things available.

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#8 See if you are comfortable with Your Oncologist

how to choose the best oncologist

You must be comfortable with your Doctor as you will have to share many internal topics. See if the Doctor has that attitude to listen to you properly and you feel comfortable with him/ her.  Apart from listening to you, the Doctor should have more qualities such as-

  • His/ Her communication style should be good.
  • He/ She must Listen to your properly.
  • He should have the ability to explain details.
  • He/ She must be Confident.
  • He/ She should have patience answering your questions.
  • He/ She must have suggestions for various treatment options.
  • He/ She must consider your concerns and preferences.

These were some tips which you must keep in mind when searching for an Oncologist. If you think that many of these points are not relating with your Oncologist, you surely can make a second choice and go for another Oncologist without any hesitation as it is the matter of your life. Also, if you have any further query or any confusion about choosing the best Oncologist for your Cancer Treatment you can write to us in the comment section below. We will definitely reply to you soon.

So, choose the best Oncologist according to you and have a proper and best treatment for Your Cancer. You will get well soon. All The Best!

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