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How Do You Know if You Have Arthritis? A Basic Guide

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how do you know if you have arthritis

According to the Arthritis Foundation, arthritis affects one in three U.S. adults, including adults under the age of 65.

But in spite of the prevalence of this condition, it can be surprisingly hard to know if your stiff limbs earn the diagnosis. After all, what are the symptoms to look out for, and how do you know if you have arthritis?

If you’re not sure whether you should seek treatment, this basic guide can help. Read on for the quick tips you need to know.

What Are the Chances You Have Arthritis?

Before we go any further, it’s a good idea to consider the risk factors and causes associated with this condition.

Some adults have higher risk factors for this condition than others. Common knowledge tells us that the risk of arthritis increases as we age, though there are cases in which younger patients will have early onset arthritis. It’s also worth noting that women are more likely to get most types of arthritis than men and some people born with certain genes that are more likely to develop this condition.

In addition, you’re more likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis if you smoke. Repetitive occupational movements or joint injuries can increase your risk, as can obesity and certain types of infections.

What Are the Signs of Arthritis?

Whether or not you fall in line with any of the risk factors above, you may have noticed certain arthritis symptoms in your daily life.

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Pain is the most prominent symptom, though it can be constant or it may come and go. The area may also be tender to the touch. Certain types of arthritis involve swelling of the joints, which may last for several days.

In addition, areas affected by arthritis may suffer from stiffness, especially in the morning or after remaining in the same position for some time. This stiffness may make movement difficult, even basic motions like rising from a chair.

How Do You Know If You Have Arthritis?

While you may have noticed one or more of the risk factors and symptoms above, the only way to know for certain whether you have arthritis is to see a doctor. Your doctor can identify your symptoms and diagnose the issue, providing arthritis treatment according to your needs. This may involve anything from simple painkillers and medications to in-depth surgery or therapy.

Seek Help for Your Arthritis

If you believe you may have arthritis, you don’t have to suffer from stiffness and pain alone. Seek a specialist’s help so you can finally stop asking yourself, “How do you know if you have arthritis?” With a personalized treatment plan, you’ll find easy relief that makes this condition much easier to bear.

Looking for more of the straightforward health tips you need to know? Our other blogs are packed full of helpful insights, so check them out for more info!

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