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Heading Into Retirement? The Top 4 Medicare Advantage Plans Worth Your Money

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Heading Into Retirement? The Top 4 Medicare Advantage Plans Worth Your Money

Did you know that Medicare only covers about 65% of your medical bills? Pair that with retirement and it can be a real problem.

So if you’re about to retire and rely on Medicare, what are you supposed to do? Luckily, there are supplemental plans to help. Consider a Medicare advantage plan.

But what are medicare advantage plans and which one should you choose? Read on for our guide to the top medicare advantage plans worth your money.

What are Medicare Advantage Plans?

Original Medicare is offered by the federal government, while Medicare Advantage is offered by private insurance companies. Both cover the same basic services, but medicare advantage plans can offer additional coverage as well.

For this reason, coverage and cost can vary widely between plans. So how do you know which one is right for you?

There are companies out there like Senior Select that specialize in finding the best plan for you. They do this by asking you about your needs and then comparing and contrasting plans from different companies.

For a quick lesson, check out the following 4 medicare advantage plans that are definitely worth the money.

1. Humana

Humana is top-rated for the great perks their plan provides. It has more than 13 million customers and frequently receives awards for its responsible business practices.

Some unique perks include:

  • discounts for electronic payments and participation in fitness programs,
  • a nurse on the phone available 24/7,
  • a savings program for a variety of programs and medications,
  • and access to Humana Transplant Centers.
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Humana is available nationwide and offers a simple zip code search to show you plans available in your area.

2. Aetna

Aetna is top-rated for its great online portal and international coverage. It has five different plans which can cover nursing care, assisted living, hospital costs, and more. Three of these plans extend your coverage outside of the United States.

Aetna’s online portal is more user-friendly than other companies and allows you to manage your policy from home. And you can use this insurance with any provider that accepts medicare.

3. Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is the most widely-used insurer with over 100 million users. And that’s due largely in part to their affordable personalized health care plans. More hospitals and doctors contract with BCBS than any other insurance company.

BCBS is an umbrella company for more than 30 companies. These include Anthem (the largest), Regence, and CareFirst.

One drawback is that it can be difficult to find prices for BCBS insurance. There’s no online system, and you need to call for a quote.

However, their website is great at describing the plan types. They tell you what they cover, break down costs, and let you know about limits.

4. United Healthcare

United Healthcare has teamed up with AARP (the American Association of Retired Persons) to offer a joint medicare advantage plan. Through United Healthcare, AARP offers a variety of plans so that one can choose the best option. This is especially easy thanks to their “Plan Selector” tool.

They offer several of these helpful tools, which is part of why their customer service is unparalleled. For example, their “Provider Locator” helps you search the extensive network for pharmacies, providers, and specialists in your network and area. Their “Drug Cost Estimator” helps you look at how much your medications would cost under different plan options.

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Choose Your Medicare Advantage Plan Today!

Medicare Advantage plans don’t have to be complicated. Don’t be afraid to talk to a service that evaluations your options! And don’t forget to bookmark Easywork.net and check back often for the latest financial and lifestyle news.

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