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Chronic Pain – Causes, Symptoms &Treatment

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Chronic Pain - Causes, Symptoms &Treatment

It is a reality everybody has experienced pain at some point in life; for example, one can experience pain in a cut, childbirth, surgery, headache, heart attack, kidney stones. Thus these all health condition can produce varying degrees of pain. In these situations, the pain can be resolved with few medicines.  This type of pain is known as acute pain. While one is in acute pain- the pain acts a function like it warms the body or injury.  However, when we talk about Chronic Pain, it is much different than others. When a person experiences chronic pain lasting months or years, it can lead to the person feeling angry, frustrated, isolated and guilty. 


Several injuries and health conditions can cause chronic pain. Sometimes, one can continue to bear the pain for a long time from an injury like a back injury. Often chronic pain can be caused by serious health issues or diseases such as cancer or arthritis. Whatever are the causes; chronic pain is a serious health condition and should be treated in the initial stages.

There are the following health conditions that might be related to chronic pain:

  • headaches
  • back injury
  • fibromyalgia
  • spinal injury
  • cancer
  • arthritis
  • nerve inflammation or damage

When a person experiences pain, the pain can be felt in a specific part of the body – this is called phantom limb pain. Sometimes, the pain in one part of the body but it also felt in other parts of the body, and it is called referred pain. Even the pain spread over large areas of the body, which is not easy to prevent. In a few situations, this pain may arise from injury to the mental strain in our body. The pain is known as neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain is completely different from nociceptive and acute pain – during these health conditions people often complain of radiating pain or burning

Few Factors that increase body pain include: All of these factors makes people anxious make pain much worse.

  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • Stress
  • depression

Symptoms & Complications

People suffering from chronic pain can make them depressed, angry and as well they face sleeping disorder issues. This pain can make an unpleasant life for a person; that’s why they cannot live their daily life normally; it is true that chronic pain reduces their energy and often creates a negative impact on work.

People living form this pain may end their social work due to the illness. They feel dependent on other people and always see for help to perform their daily tasks. Sometime sleeping disorders may rise for someone who is in this pain. Keep in mind, continuously sleep deprivation may lead to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Making the Identification

If you are in Pain from lasts three months or longer, then it is considered chronic pain. While sometimes it is difficult to describe pain exactly. It will best for you to consult your doctor. He/she will explain to you where it’s coming from, how it affects your life, what is aggravates the pain. How can we reduce it? Health specialist often uses pain scales to rate the force of chronic pain and to find out the possible causes of this pain.

Treatment & Prevention

Treat with CBD – during this treatment CBD will block the pain signal anywhere in the body via blood cells. Best CBD oils online are available for chronic pain treatment. Health specialists recommend Painkillers. It is also called analgesic medications, are used to reduce the effects of chronic pain. There are few Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that used to treat with this pain throughout the world like ibuprofen and naproxen.  Both medications provide some relief to the body. Acetaminophen is also used to prevent the effects of chronic pain. These medications usually used firstly to manage this pain. If they do not work effectively, the doctor might be added to stronger medications like opioids.

Opioids include morphine and codeine; both are used to reduce certain types of pain. They are strong painkillers and have momentous capacity to deal with constipation, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, and itching. However, several people afraid to use opioids, because it is uncommon, while this medication is used appropriately in the USA & UK.  Corticosteroids are used to decrease the pain of bone cancer and relieve the pain of damaged nerves. If some suffer from chronic pain, Corticosteroids help to stops the pain signal from traveling along that particular nerve.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is one of the effective solutions that provide direct electrical energy via the skin using electrodes. TENS deal with pain, and it works as a natural reaction that relieves the pain. TENS does not respond equally for all people, but it provides some pain relief for certain people

Acupuncture is another effective medicine used to treat many pain and health conditions, including back pain and migraine. During treatment with acupuncture, the acupuncturist inserts via thin needles under the skin on the body at specific points. Acupuncture is known as a natural anti-pain chemical of pain relief. Acupuncture also helps to relax muscles, relieve anxiety, and help reduce pain.

Biofeedback is a type of therapy – it helps relieve chronic pain. In biofeedback- few instruments used to measures heart rate, breathing, and other specific things to know that body condition. During treatment body responses and feeds back in the form of light or sound. Someone suffering with this pain will feel better through its relaxation and cognitive techniques.

Many methods of psychological treatments are used to manage chronic pain. Cognitive therapy can also help people to deal with this pain. Thus if you suffer in this pain, then you need to consult with health specialist immediately.

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