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Can Pets Help with Depression?

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Can Pets Help with Depression

For many people, pets are companions, but did you know they can help with depression? Here is why your four-legged friend might be a great companion for those times when you have the blues.

For when you Really Need help

Petting animals and spending time with them is a good way to help cope with depression, but realize that if there is a problem underneath it all, it needs to be tackled. If you need relationship advice or help in general with your depression, realize that seeing a therapist can help you.  It can make life easier, and while having the pet nearby does help, this can help solidify any problems that you have swimming in your head.

They are Relaxing to Touch

While you may not want your cat in certain areas, having them nearby curling up to you just feels good. It can lower your blood pressure, and the feeling of their fur does help boost your serotonin levels. It can help to relax you and take your mind off of what’s really going on.

They Do Show Affection

If you have a dog, you probably see this a lot, but they do love to show affection. They may nuzzle you, flop on their belly, or even smile. This showing of affection can be quite helpful for you, and even if you’re worried about your pet due to health issues, spending time with them and experiencing that affection does wonders for your depression. You may realize you feel better just taking a few minutes out of your day to groom your cat and trust me, they do love it in their own way.

They Understand When You’re Upset

Animals do understand when humans are upset. While they can’t talk to you directly, they can comfort you, and that’s always a great thing. If you feel upset, spend time with your pet.  They will come to cuddle up to you, and you’ll feel better. Even if it doesn’t take the hurt all away, it can be quite helpful in some regards.

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Having a Pet is a Great Companion

They are also great companions for you. If you live alone, having a pet can be a good way to connect with something after a long day. If you’re stressed, go pet your pet and spend time with them. If you feel depressed, sometimes just holding or taking them for a walk can be a good and relaxing thing.  It can provide the companionship that you may need, and it can help with reducing depression in its own way.

Brings the Family Together

While you may have a few issues with family members getting along with pets initially, after a bit they do work together, and this can be a worthwhile relationship.  Children love pets, and they can learn to be gentle. Cats are great for children with autism, and if your cat has a good relationship with the dog, they can have a reliable friend.

It can boost everyone’s mood and reduce instances of depression. While yes, they are responsibilities, there are lots of activities that the whole family can get behind, and you can look here and here too for more information. Pets are great for bringing everyone together, and it can help to foster those relationships you want to have.

When it comes to animals, especially dogs and cats, they can naturally help with depression. So, if you’ve been on the fence on getting a pet, look at how you can benefit mentally from a cat or a dog, and see if it will help. It may be more beneficial than you think.


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