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Announcement: The Ultimate Body Beast Review

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This is our comprehensive Body Beast review. On this page we are going to quickly tell you what you get when you buy this product and explain how to get the most out of the course. Our aim is to answer as many of your questions as possible and get you one step closer to building the kind of muscle you want.

The course in a nutshell
It is one thing to work out regularly and watch what you eat. Anyone who does this will put on muscle, but the person who does the right kind of workout and eats exactly the right things at the right time will put on muscle much faster. In a nutshell this is what the Body Beast bodybuilding program does for you.
You get 90 days of meal plans, including a full supplement plan and a killer workout plan for the same period. It really is everything you need.

Follow the plan to the letter and you will bulk up and do so fast. The bulk you put on will be pure muscle, which you can then build on further or simply maintain.

The course in detail

Here is exactly what you get:

The workout plan

There is a video for each workout. In the video the key exercises for each session are demonstrated and explained in detail.

Form is important when it comes to breaking down and rebuilding muscle. The videos really help you to get things right first time and get the most out of each exercise.

Every day you do a different set of exercises. Each week of the program is slightly different too, so the videos are divided up into 12 weeks.

Included in the video is motivation, which is provided in the form of Sagi Kalev, the designer of the course, urging you on at key points. This program is tough, so you are going to need the push you get from the videos. The pace at which you do the exercises is important. Your muscles need to feel like they are on fire, so using the videos is important for getting the pace right. It is deliberately fast.

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Each day you work a different area of the body. There is a separate upper body workout as well as workouts for the legs, arms, abs and back. Every area is worked on, so if you are lacking in any particular area you can address this issue using this program.

Included in the workout plan are progress sheets. Recording your progress is an important part of the program It will provide motivation and help to uncover areas that you need to focus on in the future. To get the most out of the program you will want to maintain the muscle you put on after the 90 days, and the progress sheets will help you to workout which areas need the more works than others.

These workouts for men can easily be adapted to women and young people. All that is necessary is for lighter weights to be used. However, they are not suitable for someone who has a medical condition or does not already have a reasonable level of cardiovascular fitness.

Workout videos

The videos are presented on DVDs, but you can easily use them on your phone or other device. This means you can take them with you to the gym or watch them on your commute to work.

The book

Included in the course is one of the most comprehensive body building books we have ever come across. It explains absolutely everything you need to know as a body builder.

Naturally, the contents of the course are included in the book, but the writer has gone one step further. He has explained the science behind building muscle and goes into a lot of depth explaining the importance of nutrition and how to use supplements effectively. He even covers things like how to lift safely and tips for recovering from injury.

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The publisher, Sagi Kalev, is himself a competition winning body builder, a trained nutritionist and a professional trainer. What he has basically done with the book is to download decades of experience onto the page for you to benefit from. The result is an invaluable training resource for use both during and after you have completed the training program.

Eating Plan

The eating plan is an important component of the course. During the course you are going to be working out intensely and will normally be working out harder than usual. The workouts may be shorter than your regular gym sessions, but they are more intense. This means that you will need to give your body more fuel in the form of food and supplements.

It is great not having to sit down and re-jig your existing eating plan. All of the hard work is done for you with a full and comprehensive eating plan provided.

With this course we really do feel you are getting the best workout plan for building muscle. The extras you get ensure that you are fully equipped to complete the course and succeed in building muscle and doing so quickly.

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