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Over 72% of Americans opts for CBD oils in Pain Management, According to Survey

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Cannabis-infused products? Sounds interesting, right? To some people, this may seem surprising and absurd. However, to some, this is already common. Gone are the days when marijuana is only used for smoking and enjoying some “high” time. Currently, several marijuana-infused products circulate the market. Those products include lotions, CBD oils that provides several health benefits and alleviate anxiety and depression. Yes, you’ve read that right. There are CBD oils that can help people who suffer from anxiety and depression. If you are one of those people, you can learn more here on AmericanMarijuana about CBD oil varieties for depression, and find the one suitable for you.

Cannabis had amazed people when it was discovered to have several medical advantages. Aside from its ability to relieve depression, it can also lower high blood pressure and reduce acne. There are even creams that can prevent skin problems. Moreover, cannabis can help alleviate one of the most common issues, especially in the U.S. – body pains.

CBD Oils – Could it ease body pain?

In the United States, a survey says that 72% of Americans prefer CBD (cannabidiol) oil or CBD pain relief cream for managing body pains. CBD oil continues to gain popularity as a natural alternative approach to relieve pains. For the people suffering from chronic pain, marijuana is a heaven-sent medicinal plant.

Cannabidiol is one of the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. This compound is the one responsible for easing pains, and even treats some conditions, such as back pain and arthritis.

According to a study, cannabis utilization for pain relief can be traced back to the ancient text of China, 2900 B.C. There was an encyclopedia called “Shennon Ben Cao Jing,” which contained the oldest record of marijuana as a medicine. Some texts indicated that the plant is excellent in treating malaria, female reproductive tract infection, constipation, and rheumatic pain. Moreover, the plant was also conjunct with wine, which served as anesthesia for patients during surgical operations.

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CBD oil is said to soothe chronic pain by reducing inflammation. Additionally, this oil could also help people sleep better, which, in turn, prevents sleep disruption, a significant factor of chronic pain. However, scientists are still working to discover how cannabidiol eases the pain. People taking hemp and CBD oil for the first time should limit their dosage and move up if they don’t feel any relief with a lower dose.

Users must take note that many CBD oil products don’t have THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). If you’re unaware of THC, it’s another one of the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, responsible for producing the “high” effect. THC induces psychoactive effects. On the other hand, cannabidiol is for medicinal purposes and a non-intoxicating compound.

Opioids vs. Cannabis

According to a study, another alternative for managing pain is the opioids. Opioids are distributed widely for fast pain relief, just like medical marijuana.

The study has concluded that patients prefer cannabis better than opioids in managing pain. Some patients even stated that the relieving powers of marijuana are far better than opioids. Additionally, the patients said that opioids produce more undesirable side effects in comparison to the other.

The proponents of the study from the Kent State University and the University of California Berkeley conducted the study by emailing the subjects a survey. The survey inquired them of their pain, along with their marijuana and opioid usage.

Out of 2,810 participator that uses cannabis, 828 had utilized opioid to manage their pain for the last six months.

The researchers found out that 97% of the participants agreed that their opium consumption decreased when they used cannabis. Additionally, 89% agreed that opioids produce undesired side effects like nausea and constipation.

Opioids may be an essential part of treating pain; however, almost 100 people die every day due to opioid abuse, as per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This is due to the combination of the heroine, and some prescription opioids like codeine and morphine.

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The researchers also said that overdoses of prescription drugs are the primary factor of accidental death in America. That’s why it’s necessary to discover a new alternative to opioid to address this problem.

Medical marijuana is not even close to being called as the perfect solution. However, there is no single record of a marijuana overdose. That’s another reason why patients prefer cannabis to manage their pain.

Restrictions and disputes over medical marijuana

Seven out of 10 Americans prefer cannabidiol to manage their pain. Additionally, one out of seven is personally using cannabis-infused products. This means that these kinds of products are becoming popular, and the industry of marijuana is steadily growing. This subsequently proliferated the passages of federal law to legalize the hemp form of cannabis.

Younger U.S. citizens also reported having been using these kinds of products. The reason is that these products provide a lot of therapeutic benefits, without psychoactive effects, as it contains a low amount of THC.

CBD was federally legalized last year. However, the FDA continues to research it, and some states are still prohibiting it. Some surveys say some of the American citizens are still not using, or not even familiar with these products.

THC is the compound responsible for the plant’s notorious psychoactive effects. This is one of the significant factors why disputes over medical marijuana’s legality still go on. However, CBD does not produce any high. American Drug Enforcement Administration points out that it’s the THC that makes cannabis prohibited in some states.

To determine if a CBD oil or other CBD products are legal or not will depend on multiple factors. Geographic locations, local laws, and if there are other cannabinoids contained in the extract should all be considered before coming up with the correct answer.



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