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Abilify and Other Natural Treatments for People with Depression

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Abilify and Other Natural Treatments for People with Depression

MDD or Major Depressive Disorder is a condition where a person experiences several MDEs or Major Depressive Episodes. These episodes could last up for several weeks or more. A significant indicator of an event is a low phase or depressed mood. It makes the person lose all interest in all of the things around him, even the things that the person generally likes or likes doing. The duration of these episodes varies significantly from each other, lasting between weeks to months, also leading up to years.

The condition dramatically affects women, twice more than men generally. Although that is the case, the ratio between men and women slowly declines according to age groups. Among the population of some countries, depression is one of the leading factors of disability in the community. It is mainly due to the condition having cases on early ages of youth, leading to older age groups.

The main goal of the treatment for major depressive disorder is to have a final resolution to its symptoms. It aims to restore the functionality of a person, both to occupational and as a member of the society. Traditional therapy applies to patients suffering from a major depressive disorder, albeit having several medications for this condition. In most cases, treatment is more bearable according to some patients, and overall, some patients don’t respond to traditional antidepressant therapy or take medications.

Even then, there are things that a patient can do; even their loved ones too, could help them cope with their condition and reduce the symptoms or the duration of the episodes. These things can be applied to the patient’s daily routine and can be considered more comfortable to do. With a positive outlook despite the condition, the patient can fully function again in his/her everyday life.

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Giving Attention to What You Eat

Certain foods have some elements in them that could create inflammations in various parts of our body. These inflammations could also happen in our brain, which could start a depressive episode or worsen them. Usually, these substances are caffeine, sugar, dairy, gluten and alcohol in excessive intakes. It all depends on the person and how he/she reacts to certain food substances. To combat this, the patient can eliminate some aspects in his/her diet, along with the recommendations of a healthcare provider.

With a few weeks of avoidance from those elements, an observation should commence to see what effects it may have in the patient’s condition. If no changes are observable, the patient could try a new diet, still with his/her healthcare provider’s recommendations, of course.

Try Doing Physical Exercise

Most people can find that any work out can undoubtedly lift a person’s mood; even a person diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Physical work out makes the brain of the one doing it increases dopamine levels and boost endorphins in our body. However, some physical activities can prove to be healthier and more beneficial than others, especially to people diagnosed with MDD. Apart from strenuous activities like jogging, swimming, and weight lifting or more complicated workouts like crossfit, there are physical activities that can reduce the stress levels of our body that is caused by a lot of factors. There different types of yoga a patient can try, and it should be considered that the patient discusses this with his/her therapist or healthcare provider.

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Reduce Your Stress Levels

Depression is a condition where our bodies fail to reduce the stress levels that are present internally. With that said, managing a patient’s stress more efficiently could lead to a more positive outlook on life in a patient. It could ultimately deal with a significant change in a patient’s condition, eventually making him/her function correctly again.

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Take Your Meds

There are plenty of medications that you could find in the market; determining which one could prove to be difficult as you could not just pick one and go. Not to mention that there could be medications that could lead to more complications in the patient, making it dangerous. One of the usual medicines given and trusted by doctors is Abilify.

Abilify or aripiprazole is a medication that is an atypical antipsychotic; it is the only adjunctive medication that is approved by Health Canada, specifically for Major Depressive Disorder. This for patients who have a low response to traditional antidepressant therapy. It is also acquirable by an Abilify coupon.


Depression is a massive blow in our society; it is mainly because it makes an individual have avoidance from their respective occupations, which can lead to more problems in industries. However, that does not mean we should blame it on the person; we should view this as a medical condition, and give the person enough attention and care to overcome this suffering.

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