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6 Foods You Should Never Eat Again

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Health enthusiasts always focus on eating healthy, but to find something that falls under the very definition of healthy is quite challenging. Especially nowadays, when there are fancy advertisements and over the board marketing techniques running all over the place, one needs to be very careful with choice of food items whether it is packaged goods or even veggies.

A recent study by a highly regarded medical institute in India revealed that 83% of what we eat is unhealthy, disease-causing, and deadly. You might be surprised after reading this because the numbers are staggering but that’s not the news here. Get ready to be blown away as the reason behind this is unawareness.

Most fitness fanatics in our country don’t have enough knowledge about the food items they eat themselves and ones that they suggest to others. That’s mainly because people often fall victim to the trickery known as popularity. They go for food items that come with a reputation of being healthy and overlook the harmful effects that come along. Here we have listed similar food items suggested by some of the finest trainers and fitness experts from the best gyms in Jaipur that are supposedly healthy, but you should avoid eating them straight away. Take a look:

Fruit Juice

Fruit juices are considered to be the healthiest food items in your refrigerator. Something that you can have any time you want because it is supposed to fill you with energy, enhance your metabolism, and provide you with all the proper nutrients. But the truth is, it is as bad as cola, or even worse at times – depending upon your medical condition.

Every time you have a glass of say, freshly squeezed oranges, you are taking in around 5% fructose. Chemically, it’s not a safe quantity. Fructose is synthesized in Liver but if taken in large quantities, it is converted into fat, and that’s not healthy at all.

Low-Fat Milk

If you think fat free milk is going to keep you fit or save you from getting obese, we suggest you to think again. Studies have shown that people who drink low-fat milk are more likely to gain weight. Also, low-fat dairy products come with added sweeteners that are hazardous and run the risk of deadly diseases like cancer.

Sports Energy Drinks

Sports drinks or energy drinks are meant to recharge you with energy soon after you’ve had an intense workout or an exhausting sports session. Primarily, these drinks contain three essential components electrolytes, water, and sugars. The purpose being – to refill the fluids that are lost due to sweating, to replenish the salts like Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium, and to provide instant energy to keep you going.

Energy Bars

Much like the energy drinks, energy bars are supposedly meant to provide you with an instant boost, but they have a lot of harmful side effects as well. A single grain bar contains enough calories, fat, and carbohydrates that can equal a bowl of popcorn. It is not a good option for energy by any means as you are stuffing yourself with not only unhealthy nutrients but unsafe industrial processing agents.

Gluten-Free Food Items

Gluten-free food items are trending all around the world amongst people who are fitness enthusiasts and even those who aren’t. Gluten is a protein that acts as a binding agent in cereals and grains like wheat and barley. Gluten-free food has joined the manufacturing bandwagon and has become a premier selling product in the market. But you should avoid eating because it’s extremely unhealthy. Gluten is an essential nutrient for the body and keeps intact the health quotient of cereals, whole grains and other items that are made of it. So if you come across any food item that claims to be Gluten-Free, just drop the idea of buying it straight away.

Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils or the heart-healthy oils also fall under the same category as the other food items in the list, unhealthy and hazardous. You should cut back on the intake straight away. Vegetable oils are not healthy at all, and they contain added preservatives, toxic bleaching agents, and unimaginable amount of unsaturated fat content that can lead to some serious long-term diseases. And to top it all, here is a list of risk factors involved in eating Vegetable oils:

  • Obesity
  • Sterility
  • Loss of memory
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

As per some of the leading fitness centers in Jaipur – instead of using the products mentioned above you should eat food items that spend less time in manufacturing and more amidst nature.

Author Bio: I Navanita Devi is a content creator both by choice and profession. Her educational background in journalism has given her a broad base to understand her readers. She is currently the content writer for Innovana Thinklabs Limited and provides web content, promotional copies, blogs, and technical posts for target consumers across the globe. She is a movie fanatic. And when not at work, you will probably find her curled up in literature with happy endings!

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