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Modern BMX bikes, Their Types, and Features

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Introduction: The BMX bike is the race bike. It is like a bicycle used for racing. It can also be used for dirt, park flatland and also for BMX freestyle discipline. The frames of BMX are made up of steel, and mainly it is made up of aluminum or carbon. The cheaper bikes, which are low-grade bikes, are made up of aluminum usually. The high-grade bikes are made up of chromyl, or it may be high tensile steel. However the chromyl bikes are stronger than the later. But the steel bikes are heavier than the chromyl bikes. The high performance bikes are made up lightweight 4130 chromyl, or generation 3 chromyl. 

Best racing BMX bikes: The BMX bikes are used for the off-road riding. These are used for stunt riding as well as racing. Best BMX bikes are short for motocross of bicycle, and it is made for freestyle riding and racing. There is variety in the BMX bikes, and when you see the BMX bikes, you see that not all the bikes are created for the same purposes. 

Freestyle riding bikes: Some BMX bikes are used for freestyle riding, and their design is also made so. Some of the BMX bikes are designed for dirt jumping. The freestyle BMX bikes allow you to learn about how to perform the tricks. You can also learn how you can tear up obstacles at the skate parks. The jumping of BMX bikes is quite different from the jumping of the normal bikes. The jumping of BMX bikes is known as a dirt jumper. 

BMX bikes are suitable for the riding around the town, racing competition on the dirt tracts and also for the off-road trails. The freestyle BMX bikes are the best BMX bikes, and this bike is very strong and stunt bike. This bike has a strong frame, wheels, tires, and pegs. The high-end road bikes are made up of heavy steel. The steel is strong and heavy material; it is useful for the best performance of bikes. Before purchasing the bikes, you should also consider the size of the bikes. Weight of the bikes should also be considered because it reveals how much you have control over the bike. The lightweight frame is considered more beneficial, which is made of strong, lightweight material. 

Types of BMX bikes: There are different types of BMX bikes. Each type of BMX bike is quite special for its performance. BMX riding was developed since the sixties and seventies. At that time BMX bikes are mainly used for racing, and only the classical type BMX bikes were available that time. The new forms of BMX bikes were mainly freestyle bikes. Types of BMX bikes are:

True BMX bikes:  This is the original BMX bikes. These are developed in the sixties. It was used for racing in sports. Its design was like motocross motorcycles. It was built for jumping and racing on the roads and even in the dirt. It was not the most popular type of BMX bike. It had 20 inches wheels. The brake mounts of BMX bikes were on the top of the seat.

Freestyle BMX bikes: The freestyle BMX bikes were made after BMX racing bikes invention. It is an ideal bike for traveling to and fro. It is lighter in weight than the original BMX bikes. It is one of the best BMX bikes.  The tires of the bikes are thick. Its size is about 20 and 2.125 inches. They ride smoothly. They are used as pavements. They have axel pegs.

Dirt jumper: Dirt jumper is the type of bikes which has a high jump. It looks airborne. They are specially designed for high jumping. They are heavier than the BMX bikes, but at the same time, they are lighter than the freestyle bikes. They lack the front brakes. They have thick wheels. They have 36 rugged and 13 gauge spokes. Many of them also have 24 inches wheels. They are ideal bikes for large jumps. The tires of these bikes are treaded heavily more than the other types of bikes. 

Flatland BMX bikes: These are the most special types of bikes than any other bike. They have 20 inches wheels.  Their frame is made of unique geometry. They have such kinds of components that make it useful. Flatland bikes ride me a style breakdancing. While riding on this bike, the rider is in a constant state of motion. The riders show amazing performance, balancing him in a unique style on the bike. They show the widest tricks and stunts. For such stunts, the flatland bikes have a smaller frame. It consists of quite unique components like free coaster hub and also has a zero offset fork. The free coaster hub produces a backward spin from the rear wheel. You can turn the bikes easily in the direction you want. They have brakes setups including front and rear setup brakes. 

Types of brakes in BMX:  There are several types of brakes in BMX. Which are as follows:

Caliper brakes: Caliper brakes have a single pivot. This is also called a single pivot side pull brake. They are mostly found in road bikes. They are very inexpensive. It is found on the inexpensive BMX bikes.

U-Brakes:  U brakes have a very low flat profile. Separate pivots are available for the attachment of the arms. Pivot is located on the two seat stays chain stays or the fork legs which is found just above the rim. U brake arms do not protrude out the frame and cross each other just above the tire.

Linear Pull: Linear Pull is also called V brake. V brakes can provide greater clamping force, and they can adjust easily than the Caliper brakes because it is very difficult to adjust the Caliper brakes. It also has the separate pivot for the attachment of each of the arms. The pivot is also located on the seat stays or on the fork legs, which is present just below the rim. These types of brakes are mostly found on the BMX race bikes and mountain bikes. Sometimes it is also called a linear pull brakes. 

Band brake: Band brakes are usually cheap. It is a low tech device. But it also has some negative aspects. It has a flexible band which is made of friction material. It is fastened at one end firmly. It also has a rotating steel drum. 

Drum and hub brakes: It is an internal expanding shoe brake. This is a standard motorcar. It is a standard motor brake. It is also not very expensive. It has a self-servo action. It has a general layout. It is made of two curved aluminum block. Hub brakes also have some disadvantages. They cannot dissipate heat easily so they can be heated up earlier than the other brakes. 

Roller brakes: It is the invention of Shimano. It consists of drum, coaster and disc brake. The rollers are made of steel which provides friction. 

Size: The size of the BMX bikes usually different. The wheel and axel of the BMX is in the range of diameter 10 nm, it is the size of the front wheel axle, but the rear wheel axle has different size usually in the range of diameter of 14. 


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The best BMX bikes of 2019: Some of the best BMX bikes of 2019 are:

Mongoose Legion freestyle BMX bikes: The mongoose BMX bikes is one of the best BMX bikes. It is a world-renowned brand. It is suitable for beginners. The features of Mongoose BMX bikes include, it has 25T alloy chainring and American loose ball bracket at the bottom. 

Design: The design of the bike is simple. It is easy to ride. There are an aluminum U-brake and brake lever. The performance of steering is designed of high quality. You can able to move around easily. You should also consider your height while purchasing the bike. 

Features:  It is a stylish, BMX bike. Its size is 20 inches with 2.3 inches tires.  It has 9T cog sealed bearing rear cassette hub. It also has aluminum U-brake and brake levers. 

Specification: Its brand is Mongoose. Its model is M41509M10os-PC. Its weight is 34.4 pounds.

Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX bikes: It is available in three different colors. Its size is about 20 inches. It is mostly made for kids. By the help of this bike, your child can start riding so easily in no time. The most important feature of this bike is safety. They have coaster brakes, which allow it to stop quickly. Handlebars and spokes have a reflector on the front side. Its seat can adjust your child properly according to his height. It is made up of durable and strong steel. It has a lifetime guarantee.

Features: It is suitable for the child of age between 6 and 10. It has a durable and strong steel frame. It also has a kickstand. The most important feature is the presence of coaster brakes and handlebar pad. 

Specifications: It is of Dynacraft brand. Its model is 8109-34ZTJ. Its weight is 26.9 pounds. 

X Games FS20 Freestyle BMX Bike: It is a freestyle BMX bike. This bike offers a smooth ride. Its frame is made up of sturdy steel, which is quite durable. Its braking is strong. It is also of a kid’s choice. Its handlebar is made of the welded cross brace. It is available in black and red colors. It is very attractive to the kids. It has great safety and style features, which makes it more attractive for the customers. 

Features: It is made of sturdy steel frames. It has a 4-bolt alloy stem. It has 48 spoke setup. It has a stylish and quite attractive color scheme. 

Specifications: Its band is X games. Its model is 32022. Its weight is about 34.9 pounds.

Kent pro 20 boy’s Freestyle BMX Bikes: It is not a child bike. This is an ideal bike for freestyling. Its color is blue and white, which makes it more stylish. The frame of this bike is made of tig-welded steel, which gives a lot of strength and stability. You can ride it with different riding styles. This BMX bike is flexible. It has handbrakes on the front wheels and the rear wheels, and also on the spinning rotor. 

Features: It has 20 inches wheels with pegs. It also has a freestyle rotor which makes it possible to move in freestyle. It also has an alloy seat clamp. It is recommended for the age of a child of 10 years or more. 

Specifications:  It has a KENT brand. Its model is 12098. Its weight is 32 pounds. 

Razor Agitator Freestyle BMX bike: It is a trick type riding style bike. It has rotors in the Handlebars which can move up to 360 degrees. It has a padded saddle, which makes it more comfortable. 

Features: It has a dual cable brake detangler system. It is a 20 inches freestyle bike. It contains a plush and comfortable seat. It has a sturdy steel frame.

 Specifications: Its brand is Razor. Its model is 42086. It has a weight of 38 pounds. 

Conclusion:  BMX bike is the type of race bike. Several designs and types of bikes are available. It is also available for the children. The best BMX bikes are made up of strong and durable material. There are also different types of brakes present in the BMX bikes. These brakes have different capacities. Some are expensive, while others are inexpensive. BMX bikes are made since the sixties and seventies. A freestyle BMX bike is the most popular BMX bike in the present century. Its jumps are high and long. It provides a comfortable seat for the rider. It can also provide riding in the dirt and dust. It provides smooth riding. It is a sports bike. BMX bikes are available in different sizes depending upon the wheel and axel.

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