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The Latest in Online Bingo Games, All in one place from Boomtown

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The 75 ball variant

If you are an avid lover of online Bingo, you are in the right place, because you will be able to see all of the games at Boomtown. Boomtown offers you several kinds of bingo games that you can choose from. However, this does not mean that the games will be less fun or more complicated than the main kind of Bingo at all. Contrary to that, these games will, in fact, reward you with greater winning chances, and will be much more fun than you ever imagined.

Once you buy the online bingo cards, you can just relax because Boomtown will inform you of the numbers that have been called out for you. They will also let you know if and when you are able to reach a winning combo. Here are some of the various bingo games that are available for you to play.

1. The 75 ball bingo

This online Bingo comprises of squares which have a 5 x 5 grid that contains your numbers. Meanwhile, the middle square is left free for all the players. You, therefore, have the opportunity to win yourself a number of prizes for lines 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. If you are able to have all the numbers called out first either in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line, you will win the 1 line prize.

2. The 75 ball variant

This online game is commonly referred to as pattern bingo and is among the most played games that has been here for a while. What makes it stand out is that it utilizes a different type of card, apart from using bingo balls that range between 1 and 75. Each grid is a 5 x 5 square which contains 24 numbers. Like the 75 ball online bingo, the square in the middle is also free. All the 5 columns are headed by the word Bingo with each letter representing each of these 5 columns, therefore making it quite easy to locate the numbers.

3. The 90 ball bingo

This is the most popular game of online Bingo. Tickets for the 90 ball bingo comprise of 9 columns and 3 rows, with each column carrying 5 numbers. You have the opportunity to win 3 prizes in each game that you play. These prizes are the 1 and 2 line prizes, as well as the full house prize. If you succeed at marking all of the numbers on your card, you will be the first to win the full house prize. If you want to begin playing online Bingo, then this specific game is an excellent place to start. To win all the prizes, you must complete the pattern.

If you have never tried out playing online Bingo, you are missing out because this game is one of the best and most fun games. You can get started and play the various types that are available on Boomtown.

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