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13 Best Gaming Headsets for Every Platform

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Are you a gaming Enthusiast, who is in search of the best gaming headset to experience the best you can?

As a gamer, I know the importance of the aura created around you and to create that you need to be surrounded by pro techs that deliver you the real gaming experience. Yet, there are so many options available in the market that confuses you to opt for the perfect pair of gaming headset….but worry not below Wadav.com has reviewed top 13 gaming headsets for you that will surely amuse you.

Model Price Headphone Frequency Response Sensitivity
HyperX Cloud II $149.99 15Hz-20KHz 98 dB
Sennheiser PC 36 3D $379 15Hz-28KHz 112 dB
Sennheiser Game One $249.95 15Hz-28KHz 116 dB
Astro Gaming A40 TR $250 20Hz-24KHz 100 dB
HyperX Stinger $50 18Hz-28KHz 102 dB
SteelSeries Arctis Gaming $300 20Hz-22KHz 98 dB
HyperX Cloud Revolver $110.71 12Hz-28KHz 104 dB
Creative Sound BlasterX H5 $129.99 20Hz-20KHz 118 dB
SteelSeries Siberia V2 $189.90 18Hz-28KHz 112 dB
LogiTech G430 $79.99 20Hz-20KHz 90 dB
Sentey GS 4730 $39.99 20Hz-20KHz 98 dB
Razer Kraken USB $59.99 20Hz-20KHz 112 dB
Philips X2/27 $238.54 5Hz-40KHz 100 dB

HyperX Cloud II
HyperX Cloud II is one of the most popular gaming headset used by pro gamers today. This headset is recommended by many professionals as they think that it is worth the money and a valuable asset in the gaming world.


According to me, the HyperX Cloud II is a choice that won’t disappoint you ever. It comes with a compatible 3.5mm driver and a USB port. Moreover, it is a well-built gaming headset with comfortable ear pads and an amazing sound quality.

The design is such that it is made up of very good quality plastic and can be used for long hours easily. It is a closed back and has good noise isolation which is perfect for the gaming environments.

Sennheiser PC 363D
The Sennheiser PC 363D is yet another pair of best gaming headset for the PC gamer. Though this is the priciest pair of headset but it delivers a lot more than other headsets available in the market.


It has a quality microphone and is built perfectly to offer quality and comfort bot at the same time. It has the best sound quality. However, it has a weak point that it is quite big though, it appears lightweight but for small ears like mine, it is irritating.

It comes with a USB sound card that gives virtual 7.1 surround sound using a software. The structure is made of plastic and it doesn’t give the best noise isolation, so it is not good in a noisy room. The ear pads are soft and plush with the cushioned headband, but it can’t be worn for long hours.
Sennheiser GAME ONE
The Sennheiser GAME ONE is very much similar to the Sennheiser GAME ZERO model with 7.1 surround sound that is just stereo. However, I found it one of the best gaming headsets in many other regards.


This is the most compatible headset that can be used with the most gaming platforms and is very much comfortable. The structure is well built with good sound because of its open back design, though a little amplification would be worth it.

The durability of this headset is premium with the strong and quality plastic material that makes it very lightweight and durable at the same time. As, the design is open back, thus the noise isolation is not that good.

It consists of big ear cups which has cushioned ear pads and is very much comfortable as compared to the other headsets, it can be easily worn for long hours.

Astro Gaming A40 TR
Astro is one of the most renowned companies that manufactures the best gaming headsets. The Astro Gaming A40 TR is one of the masterpieces that has been manufactured for gamers to experience the best aura of gaming.

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This headset is everything that a gamer needs and the best part is it can be used for long hours. It is a well-built headset which offers great comfort. It has customized options of TR version available as compared to the other gaming headsets. Though, the sound quality is just fine.

It can be customized to your own likings whether it be the cables or the ear pads, you can easily replace it according to your own comfort. The noise isolation is pretty good and it can be easily used by the ones having sensitive ears. It is very lightweight.

HyperX Cloud Revolver
The HyperX Cloud Revolver is another best headset that is a category of HyperX series and specialized FPS headsets. The cloud revolver is about giving you the best advantage in FPS games such as the Counter-Strike.


It is compatible with almost all gaming platforms and has a super comfortable design with a great noise cancellation mic. Basically, it has a superior soundstage experience. Moreover, the design is very comfortable and no readjustments are necessary once it’s worn.

It is very much comfortable and is a piece of good news for people with big heads. The ear pads are quite huge though it is lightweight. The sound quality is excellent and can be used for listening to the music as it has good bass.

SteelSeries Arctis Series 3/5/7
The SteelSeries has released one of the best categories of the latest Arctis series. It has three models that are Arctis 3, 5, and 7. It has the best features that offer high quality and value. It has a very comfortable design and built-in controls into the headset.



It has the retractable mic with quality and crisp sounding mic. The design is very well built and the ear cups are shallow which is great for people like me with small ears as it snugs comfortably.

When it comes to the sonic quality the drivers in the SteelSeries Arctis headset is the best option as it has the music with a lot of dynamic range. Though, the audio settings can be easily customized.

Creative Sound BlasterX H5
The creative Sound BlasterX H5 is a well-known headset that makes the great audio products in the market. It is 5mm compatibility with the gaming platforms which comes with the great and sturdy design.

Headphone 7

It is built in such a way that it offers great comfort with plush ear pads, detachable wires, and the microphone. It gives the best sound quality for the music for almost all the games. It consists of a 3.5mm plug-in mic that you can connect to any gaming platform.

The design of this headset is very basic but it functions really well. The frame of this headset is very sturdy and can be worn for long hours.Nevertheless, the headset is just great for listening to music as well as for gaming.

SteelSeries Siberia V2

The SteelSeries Siberia V2 is just a great combination of comfort, great sound good microphone in a very cheap budget.  It is compatible with all of the gaming platforms and is very comfortable to wear.

Headphone 8

It is one of the most affordable headsets with great features. However, the noise isolation is not that great. The headset is also quite bulky. It has thick cushioned ear pads with the suspension of the headband.

One of the best thing about SteelSeries Siberia V2 is its sound quality.  Of course, there are other headsets that have high-end open-back headphones better than this one, but those are usually very costly.

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HyperX Stinger
The HyperX stinger is also one of the best quality headsets for gaming at a very cheap price. It gives the quality sound and is very comfortable to wear for more than 8 hours. However, it is not best than its successors, but still, it’s in my top list.

Headphone 9

It is built with quality plastic material and the headband is very much flexible that can be moved to an extent and fits the big heads as well. The cable that comes with it is rubber protected and comes with an extension so that you can use it with the laptops or computers with as well.

All in all, the quality is very good and is better than the other headsets. The earphones are small than the HyperX Cloud or Revolver models but are the best fit.

Logitech G430
Logitech is also another renowned gaming headset that is a very comfortable and is very affordable wit virtual 7.1 surround system. The design of this headset is very comfortable and lightweight with swiveling ear cups that can be worn for long hours.

Headphone 10

It is one of the cheapest headsets that can be used by the gamer enthusiast who has just entered this field of pleasure.

Razer Kraken USB
Razer Kraken USB is the best headset I have ever used. It’s a dream come true for any gamer with closed back design and good isolation. The software is also the best that comes with preset features.

Headphone 11

The Kraken USB is very much compatible with PC, Mac, and the PS4 systems. It has the adjustable mic that can also flip up and out. The Razer Kraken USB headset is also very comfortable and it fits snuggly.

It has the overall comfort with the usability factor. The bass is very deep and rich and the software is very functional with some great customizable sound profiles.

Sentey GS-4730
The Sentey GS-4730 headset has almost everything that can be found in expensive headsets at a very affordable price. Moreover, it is very much durable and comfortable with leather ear pads and reliable microphone.

Headphone 12

It has the best gaming sound quality. However, it is not best for music listening. When it comes to the sound for music, the headphones do not offer very well as you will hear the deficiencies quite clearly, but a non-audiophile would be happy with it.

Philips X2 Fidelio
The Philips X2 Fidelio is yet another pair of best headphones that are amazing for competitive or immersive gameplay. It is a top notch built, which is made of the quality metal and plastics. These are made like little tanks, which is quite cool.

Headphone 13

The design of this headset is open-back that does not offer very good noise isolation but gives the best experience with the soundstage. The headphones are big and bulky, yet are very comfortable with plush replaceable ear pads that makes it very light on your head.


To be conclusive there is a variety of gaming headsets available in the market, though some of are very expensive with almost the same features as that of the inexpensive ones. The only basic difference between these headsets is of noise isolation and soundstage.

Some inexpensive ones give very less sound quality but best and comfortable design. On the other hand, some expensive headsets give quality sound but less comfort. All in all, it depends on your tastes and requirements. On the other hand, some sites like The Product Analyst recommends to use various types of soundbars for gaming, so you can try it as well.




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