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How to grind coffee beans without a grinder

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How to grind coffee beans without a grinder

Things can get messy when you want to grind coffee beans and you certainly are in absence of a competent grinder. These machines require less muscle effort and are more efficient in grinding coffee into small particles that resemble to a normal powder. With the experience that a coffee maker acquires through the years it is obvious that powdered coffee reveals most of the flavor and the aroma that coffee beans are keeping inside them.

The use of an espresso machine with grinder has shown the path to the future. All modern coffee machines are gradually integrating a special grinding machine that comes with it. This is of crucial importance especially for people that are coffee lovers and want to have the best espresso experience that derives from the unbeatable aroma.

The fresher the coffee grinding the best the result of the coffee making. This is a secret well-kept by those who can’t go without quality coffee in their daily lives.

What makes an espresso grinder so valuable?

Espresso coffee is made of special roasted coffee beans that have been selected to give their flavor to the customers. These coffee beans are usually from multiple varieties that have different colors and various caffeine proportions so that they match any individual need and taste.

The espresso grinder can work for all of us since there is no need to purchase it separately. You just buy the machine and the grinder simply comes with it. On the other hand, there are sometimes that you must grind your own coffee beans by simply using your hands and tools, without the need of a special grinding machine. You may want to consider the best espresso grinder under $100.

This works only if you are good with knives and other mills that can give you fine cutting when you mostly need it. The espresso needs very thin cut particles so that it can accept the highly pressurized water from the machine pump and assist to the final reveal of the real aroma and taste of the espresso coffee.

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The viable way to get your coffee grinded without a grinder

Many people have tried this process in the past. It was the process of choice the era before the invention of the coffee machines and the grinders. You may not believe it, but people use to enjoy coffee for hundreds of years before even the electricity has been invented. That machine is created simply by using a pair of knifes and a special pot where the coffee beans are about to be grinded.

First, you need to open the pot and put the raw beans inside. You must make sure that the beans are clean and purified from dust or other particles that may reside within. Then you need to put the blades inside the pot and start making rotational moves as if you where trying to screw a bulb. This type of movement can easily give you slowly but gradually the chance to get high powdered coffee which is ready for brewing.

Modern machines are also using the same principle with high-tech blades rotating around one another so that they can grind coffee easily and in a small fraction of time. This is the most efficient way to grind coffee even when you have no electric power, or you don’t even possess a coffee machine with an integrated grinder.

What is the idea behind the traditional coffee grinding?

Long after the invention of the automatic coffee bean grinders the users have realized that they have lost the magic touch with their coffee beans when they tried to grind their own coffee. The machine is imposing a barrier between the coffee lover and its coffee beans.

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Soon enough, people that are in serious relationship with their coffee beans that the machine is hiding a portion of the flavor and the aroma from the coffee beans that cannot be restored when the coffee get brewed afterwards.

That is why all professional coffee drinkers are always having a manual grinding machine that helps them do their own grinding and decide weather or not the coffee powder is thin enough for their own tastes.

Today that coffee brewing has turned into a science people that are involved into the whole procedure are getting more and more focused on the quality of the coffee extracted rather than the quantity.


If you are a serious coffee lover, then you must decide whether you will sacrifice the quantity in favor of the quality of the coffee beverage you are about to enjoy. The regular grinders are usually taking away a significant part of the flavor of your espresso coffee and that is why you should grind your own coffee when possible.

Never underestimate the power of your coffee and do not compromise with nothing else than perfection. After all you deserve the best.

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