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Foods that Kill Parasites Naturally

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There are several food items that can be of good help in eradicating the parasites in your body. The compounds present in them are capable of boosting the overall immunity of your system. Read on to know more about these naturally available food items that can kill the parasites residing in you.

Foods that Eliminate Parasites

Regardless of whether you have been infected or not, try one of these foods that kill parasites and all prospective invaders that can cause havoc to your system.


Widely acknowledged for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, garlic is highly beneficial in killing parasites; specifically, nematodes. As per a study report, it has been found that consuming crushed garlic proved to be 91.24% effective in killing the infection causing parasites in mice. Garlic can be chopped into small pieces and left to rest for several minutes to give off its microbe-fighting, beneficial compounds. The chopped garlic can be eaten in its raw form after being mixed in a salad or salsa dressing.


Onions have been used for treating the infections caused by parasites for centuries now. The sulfur metabolites contained in onions are useful in inhibiting the compounds required for the survival of parasites. Onions can be eaten along with garlic to give synergistic and best results.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds comprise of parasite-killing compounds that serve to be effective against nematodes and tapeworms. These seeds render the parasites paralytic so that they fail to grip the digestive tract. Once inactivated, the parasites are passed off in the stool. You may want to eat your daily dose of pumpkin seeds as a snack or after adding it to your bowl of salad.

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Papaya Seeds

Papaya seeds are effective for cleansing the parasites living in the intestinal tract. It has been found that when papaya seeds are combined with honey, their parasite-killing potential ranges between71.4% and 100%. So, consume the seeds of the next papaya you buy; sprinkle them with a small quantity of honey to get the best results.


There are no conclusive research results that say that parasites can be killed by intaking carrots. However, it’s possible to come across certain study reports that state that reduced beta-carotene and vitamin A levels are linked with the infections caused by parasites in cattle. As fresh vegetables are always good for your health, you may want to add raw or cooked carrots to your diet. Try tossing shredded or cubed carrots to your salads, or roast them to make a delicious side dish; either way, you’ll get to add beta-carotene and vitamin A to your diet.


Very few people know about the parasite-killing properties of coconut. The medium-chain-fatty acids found in coconuts are capable of curtailing the growth and spread of intestinal parasite called Giardia. This parasite can cause severe bouts of diarrhea and can be prevented from spreading infections with the proper use of coconuts. It’s recommended that you use coconut oil for cooking meats and vegetables. Coconut scrapings can be added to almost all types of recipes and smoothies. Have this parasite-killing food in a form that best aligns with your taste and preferences.

Sunflower Seeds

Naturally endowed with Vitamin E, sunflower seeds help in the development of immunity; it helps offer resistance to infections caused by nematodes in livestock. As per health experts and dieticians, the inclusion of vitamin E-rich foods, such as sunflower seeds, can also help in fighting the infections caused by parasites in the human body. You may want to consume sunflower seeds in the form of a healthy snack in between meals.

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Fermented Foods

As per recent studies, consumption of fermented food helps in running your digestive system smoothly. This is because there’s a high percentage of probiotics in these foods that are capable of fighting parasites and infections caused by them. Food that’s fermented increases your body’s immunity against parasites and microbes; it kills them by curtailing the nutrients required for their survival. Sauerkraut, kimchi, coconut kefir, and non-dairy yogurt are good choices for fermented food that should make it to your daily diet.


Berries are found to be rich in polyphenols, an important class of antioxidants. According to expert findings, the spread and growth of a parasite called giardia can be inhibited by consuming berries on a regular basis. The presence of ellagitannin, a compound present in berries, may be responsible for triggering off this effect on parasites. Add a handful of blueberries, strawberries, or blackberries to your cereal or salad to encourage its daily intake.

Eat Food That Kills Parasites

Eating food items rich in nutrients and antioxidants is important to fight parasites and keep them from harming you. In case you are already grappling with the signs and symptoms of parasitic infection, reach out to a doctor to find the right remedy and stop its spread.

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