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Foods That Make You Poop When Constipated

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There are many problems in human life that can cause the lifestyle to be interrupted. One of the most common problems is constipation, which happens due to irregular bowel movement. Having constipation can slow down daily life along with slow down in daily activities by making you uncomfortable. Hard stool, small stool, or difficulty in passing can cause this constipation also.

Apart from these, many reasons cause constipation, such as diet is a big reason for constipation in many cases. People in the diet tend not to intake the amount of fiber needed. Consuming less fiber and less healthy fat due to diet is very common, and it can cause constipation. Apart from this dehydration, stress and lack of exercise is a major reason for constipation. If you are having difficulty pooping every three days a week or gap in regular pooping means you have constipation.

Changing your diet plan can give relief from constipation. Eating foods with fiber can help you can get rid of constipation. Some of the fiber doesn’t get absorbed or digested, which causes traffic in the intestine, which causes trouble in the digestion of other food, causing constipation. Many foods can make you poop.

Among all the other things, fiber is the most important thing that can make you poop without any trouble regularly. Commonly two types of fiber are contained by food; each of them has its benefits and importance to the human body.

First is soluble fiber, which contains carbohydrates, and it can dissolve in water, some of the examples are oats, barley, fruits, etc. Another type of fiber is called insoluble fiber which mostly comes from plant cell walls. Some of the examples are rye, wheat, etc. Mixing both of the fiber can help you get all the benefits of both types and also help you poop regularly. But foods that make you poop immediately can be a sign or a symptom of an allergic reaction.

Foods That Help You Poop

There are many foods containing fiber that can help you poop faster. Some of these foods also contain other ingredients that can also help you with other conditions.

1. Curry

Curry is very common in almost every household. It can work as a natural laxative to help with poop. It helps to speed up the process of digestion by stimulating a body receptor. Things get pushed quickly compared to normal with the use of a compound called capsaicin. Capsaicin is mostly found in chili peppers. Curry is very common in some countries compared to others. Indian and Thai cuisines use curry as the main dish.

2. Clear Soup

The clear soup is very helpful in constipation. This is one of the very effective treatments to make bowel movement regular. Moisture in warm liquid helps to digest the food as well as helps the bowels to move. Also, it can make you hydrated as it contains a good amount of water.

3. Popcorn

This one is a snack that is favorite among every age. Commonly used to eat while watching games, movies or traveling but most of the popcorn contain butter to make it taste better. You can try popcorn without butter to get help with regular bowel movement. It contains ingredients that can help digestion; also it can help the stool to be soft.

4. Rye Bread

Rye is very well known among grains for helping with constipation. There are many types of bread available in the market; one of them is rye bread. You can switch to rye bread from regular white bread as it is one of the important foods that make you poop. Rye contains rich fiber which helps to get relief from the poop problem by pushing the food. Also, rye can make you intake less food in a period by making you feel full.

5. Oatmeal

One of the useful foods that help you poop is oatmeal. If you are facing issues of constipation, you can change your breakfast plan and switch it with oatmeal. Also, there are many dishes with oatmeal that can be used as a lunch or dinner. Oatmeal is made with full of fiber; 16 grams of fiber can be found in one cup oats. So eating a bowl of hot oats can help you come back to the track of your regular bowel movement and digestion. Try to avoid the contained oats or packaged oats as they contain artificial properties to make it taste better along with sugar or salt.

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6. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are not common food choices for people, but individuals with the problem of constipation can choose chia seeds blindfolded to get their life uninterrupted. The seeds contain a high level of fiber such as one spoon of chia seeds means five grams of fiber which is unbelievable. Chia seeds also tend to transform into a gel-like form when they are wet. Including chia seeds in your food choice can help you digest the food faster and getting rid of constipation.

7. Flaxseed

If you are looking for foods that can make you poop, flaxseed can be a very beneficial choice. Flax seed is way different from Chia seeds as it contains both soluble and insoluble fiber in it. One spoon of flaxseed contains three grams of mixed fiber. Having both fiber and its benefits makes it very effective for getting rid of constipation. Apart from helping with your digestion or making bowel movement flaxseed also helps to make you feel full throughout the day. You can make a smoothie with one spoon of flaxseed with it, or you can also use it to make food recipes to consume most amount depending on your constipation status.

8. Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is very useful to help with constipation. Compared to other foods, sauerkraut can be beneficial as apart from helping with poop, and it can also help to prevent constipation in the first place. People with a repeated case of constipation problem can get huge help from sauerkraut by including it in the daily routine as it can help prevent further constipation. Healthy probiotics in sauerkraut also help in lactose digestion of dairy. You can use sauerkraut with your favorite dinner.

9. Kefir

Many foods make you poop along with many other benefits. One of them is kefir, which is very useful in constipation. Kefir contains a high amount of probiotics, which is a must for fighting with constipation. Probiotics help to fill the gap of the digestion process by adding healthy bacteria. These bacteria help to digest the food and speed up the process; the absence of these bacteria can cause constipation. Kefir can help you with the digestion process with the help of probiotics. Kefir comes in other flavors to taste better such as vanilla, orange, etc.

10. Artichokes

Every people like pizza or other delicious foods. Artichokes are mostly seen on the top of a pizza, and very little of it gets consumed. Adding this vegetable in your daily food routine can help you very much with constipation. Artichokes contain a high amount of probiotics and vitamins along with fiber that helps in healthy digestion.

11. Wheat Bread

If you are looking for foods that make you poop, you can choose wheat bread in your breakfast list. If you replace your normal daily bread with wheat bread, it can be very helpful as wheat is known for containing insoluble fiber of a good amount. Insoluble fiber helps to quick the digestion process as the intestines can not absorb insoluble fiber, so it is eliminated from the body fast along with making the bowel movement smooth. You can try to make a sandwich with wheat bread or make other recipes to get the best taste along with the benefits of it.

12. Lentils

Lentil is the most common choice to treat constipation as it contains eight grams of fiber in a half-cup. If you are looking for foods to make you poop, Lentil is a great choice because it can make you poop almost right after consuming lentils. Apart from having rich fiber, it comes with other nutrients to help the digestive system. You can use the lentils as a salad topper or a base in soups and stews.

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13. Almond

Almond is a known ingredient in many food recipes and cakes. But consuming almond as a daily routine can help you get your total digestive system to be repaired. Almond contains a high level of healthy fats and high fiber that helps to quicken the bowel movement process. Apart from that almond also contains high magnesium and protein, which is also helpful for health. Almond can be used with other foods that make you poop.

14. Leafy Greens

The most common choice to treat constipation is to eat green leafy salads. Some of them are spinach, lettuce, and many others. They are known to be very effective in the prevention of Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms. A salad containing arugula, spinach, kale, and lettuce can be a very effective cure for constipation.

15. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are known for being used mostly in thanksgiving, but what many people don’t know is, sweet potatoes can be very useful among all the foods that make you poop. Mostly sweet potatoes are served mashed or sliced. A certain amount of sweet potato contains 4 grams of fiber along with pectin, cellulose and other natural laxatives

16. Peppermint

Peppermint is a known remedy for many illnesses and diseases. It helps to fight some symptoms along with nausea and stomach pain. It is also very helpful for constipation, and it makes the food to travel faster through the intestines. You can consume it with any juice or as a garnishing material of food.

17. Avocados

Some people like to eat guacamole very much but what they don’t know is, it contains avocados. Avocados are very effective in making your digestive tract healthy and running. Avocados are very high in magnesium and fiber, which help to make the poop soft by pulling back the water to the intestines. You can use avocados as a topping in wheat bread sandwich to double up the cure of constipation.

18. Figs

Figs are one of the important foods that make you poop. Seven grams of fiber are contained in four figs, which can be very useful to help with constipation. Also, people who are looking for a cure with low calorie can choose figs as it four figs contain less than 200 calories.

19. Olive oil

Olive use is a very common ingredient in every household. Foods made with olive oil can be very helpful for health. Olive oil is known for the provided benefits of heart, but it also helps with poop. Cooking veggies in olive oil can be very beneficial for health as olive oil works as a natural laxative in the body. To get the best health benefits to use a cold-pressed oil.


Many foods can help with constipation along with other benefits some fruits that are commonly used for constipation are:

20. Apples

When it comes to fruits for treating constipation first name which comes to mind is apples. Apples are very high in fiber which helps to move the food in intestines quickly along with other health benefits. Per serving of apple contains four grams of fiber. And also, the skin of the apple works as a natural laxative because it contains pectin. Apple is very easily available everywhere, and you can have a bite of the apple to enjoy an uninterrupted digestive system along with other benefits. Also, you can use apple as a salad with other foods that make you poop.

21. Kiwi fruit

This fruit is not so common and also a bit more expensive than apples or other fruits, but when it comes to benefits, kiwi fruits suppresses others. Kiwi fruit has unlimited health benefits and it is mostly suggested fruit by the doctor. One small kiwi contains fiber of two grams which helps the food to pass quickly through the intestines. You can make a smoothie, or you can just eat it raw for benefits.


If you are trying to get rid of constipation and want to eat foods that make you poop regularly. You can use the above-mentioned food to enjoy the most benefit.

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