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Typical Reasons Why You Should Buy Health Insurance

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Health insurance is a tool to help you share the financial burden for your family when you are sick, to guarantee the hospital fee, which can be used at both domestic and international health facilities with high limits. Many people think that they are still young and healthy, do not need to buy health insurance. But when illness suddenly came, this product clearly showed its important role. So what are the benefits of buying it eventually? If you need advice and support, contact us at https://ibaohiem.vn/san-pham/bao-viet-an-gia/ to learn more details about health insurance package.

Health insurance is no strange to us

Ensure financial problems for families

Industrial lifestyles, polluted air, dirty food, cigarette smoke, alcohol, obesity, and stress are among the major causes of illness. While grandparents and parents face cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer, young children are more susceptible to infectious respiratory diseases. In fact, the cost of examination and treatment is very expensive, even too much for many families.

A survey of more than 2,000 patients at 3 major cancer treatment centers showed that 22.36% of patients had economic difficulties after one year of finding tumors.

In particular, nearly 34% of patients can not buy drugs; 24% of patients could not pay for gas, electricity, and water; 21% could not afford to travel and up to 15.2% could not afford food. To solve this problem, nearly 67% of patients had to borrow money, 22% had to sell assets. In fact, this financial burden can fully or largely share with the insurer.

If your family members are seriously ill or often, the medical expenses will cost a small amount. It even puts your family in debt or bankruptcy. To be able to avoid these bad scenarios, choosing to buy health insurance for only a few million a year helps you protect your health and also save costs.

Meet the need for high-quality health care

If you want to experience international-standard medical service at private hospitals or go abroad for medical treatment, health insurance is the right choice. This product pays at many health facilities, both public and private, domestic and international with quite high limits.

You should buy health insurance/ Source: https://today.uconn.edu/2017/04/health-insurance-plans-complicated-understand

For example, if pregnant women want to have the delivery service at a 5-star hospital, the cost will be in the thousands of USD, 4-10 times the cost of a public hospital. However, you can get most of this money when choosing an insurance solution, depending on the package selected with the appropriate fee.

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With a very reasonable annual premium, you and your family will have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality medical services within a 5-star hospital network.

Save time

Health insurance is applied at many different health facilities, regardless of the right and wrong routes. This is the most suitable option if you want to visit and treat at central level hospitals or foreign medical facilities in the first place.

Parents with young children also avoid crowding, save time in the waiting queue, reduce the risk of cross-infection when taking children to see a service.

The procedure for admission will include many stages that take quite a while to wait. The procedure is the obsession of any patient who visits and treats public hospitals, even though you still have to pay an incomparable cost for those medical services.

Only by buying health insurance, you can shorten the waiting time when you visit and will still be able to use professional and dedicated medical services at any of the above health facilities nationwide.

Guarantee fee for patients

Patients who are emergency or who do not carry cash with them can use the hospital’s health insurance guarantee service. As a result, patients are assured of treatment without worrying about having to pay expenses to medical facilities immediately.

The lowest cost that helps protect yourself with the highest benefits

For life insurance, which requires long-term participation and high premiums, life insurance packages usually have a term of only 1 year with a premium of VND 2 million. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the time limit when joining, and at the same time, you can completely flexibly switch health insurance packages when the needs change or are when you are not satisfied with the insurance company you bought the service from.

Notes when buying health insurance:

Unlike compulsory health insurance, health insurance products of non-life insurance companies not only provide financial support for medical examination, treatment of illness, injury or childbirth, but also help clients. You can use the best medical service at home or abroad. So, depending on your needs and financial capacity, you can buy insurance for individuals or family members with options for medical services (inpatient, outpatient, pregnancy) with different cost limits and location of treatment.

Insurance only protects you against unforeseen incidents. Therefore, insurance companies always impose limits on waiting times or eliminate pre-existing diseases before customers buy insurance. For example, the waiting period for maternity insurance is 270 days from the effective date of the insurance policy. Therefore, if you are already pregnant and bought insurance, you will not be paid for the cost of the baby. The same principle applies to special diseases like cancer and chronic disease.

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It is not difficult for you to find a friend or colleague who has ever purchased health insurance packages. Let find out about their real experiences and reviews. In addition, you can also visit the website of insurance companies to find out information about products, premiums, clinic systems, hospitals and compensation procedures. To save time, you can also call the insurance company’s free hotline to request advice. Finally, you can also find multidimensional information from Internet forums – of course with caution.

You need to complete and truthfully fill out the insurance application form, especially the Yes / No questions section. A common mistake made by many people is to answer “No” to all questions about medical history and medical history, including questions such as “Within the past 24 months, did you have a regular health check?”. Such incorrect answers may be the legal basis for the insurance company’s denial of compensation.

Buying health insurance helps your family save a lot of money / https://www.policybazaar.com/health-insurance/general-info/articles/benefits-of-buying-star-health-insurance/

Honest reporting about medical history is often more beneficial to the client than not reporting. Indeed, although insurance companies may refuse to provide insurance and reimburse customers, they may still accept coverage for these diseases with a lower level of liability or require the customer to share a part of costs through either the waiver or an increase in fees. However, if the customer declared dishonestly, the insurance company not only refused to compensate but also retained the collected insurance premiums.

Please note that insurance companies only pay for expenses directly related to the examination and treatment of illness or injury. Therefore, things like tests, medical examinations, drugs, vitamins, minerals, supplements are not prescribed by a doctor, or have a doctor’s prescription but are not really medically necessary will be refused by the insurance company.

All in all

Whether you are rich or poor, or anyone of any level, buying health insurance plays a very important role. To advice on purchasing premium health insurance for your family, go to ibaohiem.vn. This product will help you to prevent potential risks in the future for your family. Above are the benefits of buying health insurance. If you have any suggestions, don’t be shy to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.


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