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U.S. Money Reserve CEO, Angela Roberts, on Pandemic Learnings

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The global health crisis resulting from the spread of COVID-19 has turned life on its head. Changes to interpersonal contact and the way we handle public spaces have been compounded by an accompanying drop in various economic markers. While these shifts have provoked hardship for many, they also present opportunities to learn and grow in ways that previously might not have been possible. To explore this topic further, we turned to information from Angela Roberts, CEO of U.S. Money Reserve. Her insights into how to move forward while remaining diligent can be widely applicable during this difficult time.

Need for Diligence

Throughout her professional life, the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve has become acquainted with the importance of diligent work to achieve goals. Her career is full of examples of her ability to excel through consistent effort and to stay the course no matter how difficult things get. With this mindset, she has risen in the ranks of past companies, from administrative work to positions where she was asked to take on larger and larger leadership roles. This trajectory has culminated in her present position at the head of the gold company—a position that allows her to utilize her past experiences and apply them to the challenge of leading a large-scale team with numerous moving parts.

Those experiences have also given her helpful insights into the current health crisis occurring in the U.S. and around the world. Specifically, she has noted the need for continued prevention efforts even as the tide of the pandemic begins to stem. “It’s understandable to be frustrated with social distancing, especially after such a long period of time,” writes the CEO. “However, these measures and acts are still as important as they were when we started.” Roberts argues that people can tackle this challenge more effectively by being diligent.

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Coming Obstacles

This call for diligence is especially important in light of predictions by health officials that there may be a second wave of the pandemic in the fall. The possibility of such a resurgence has caused increased concern for many in light of the concurrence that a second wave would have with the seasonal flu virus. In this scenario, medical professionals might find it difficult to treat patients who present with symptoms of either the flu or COVID-19. This could lead to delayed or inadequate treatment, which may have harmful repercussions for patients.

Since this resurgence may come at a time when some in the population could largely abandon precautionary measures, many health officials are trying to inform the public on the possibility as early as they can. This helps lend credence to the words from U.S. Money Reserve’s CEO, who is similarly advising people to stick with preventive measures as long as possible to minimize the negative effects of a resurgence. While this type of extended diligence may be frustrating to some who are craving a return to normal life, these short-term measures can help ensure a more positive long-term outcome.

Economic Effects

When discussing these considerations, Roberts acknowledges that “there is no question that the economy is being hit hard by these measures.” This is one of the driving forces behind calls to roll back pandemic recommendations and reopen places of business. Such calls have increased in volume recently, with groups of U.S. citizens organizing protests of pandemic safety measures. While some governments at the state and local levels have begun to ease restrictions and allow some businesses to reopen, such moves have provoked words of caution from health officials.

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These public sentiments about the rollback calls are, of course, understandable. Business owners and employees alike are experiencing severe ramifications from the current economic plunge. From her vantage point as a seasoned leader, however, Roberts cautions against taking an overly reactionary stance against government officials. She notes that “it is incredibly challenging to make decisions that impact so many people, especially during an unprecedented time like this.” She encourages people to support worldwide leaders in their continued efforts to keep us safe and get us back to normal life in the most expeditious and responsible manner possible.

It is clear at this point that changes to modern life as a result of the global pandemic may be longer lasting than many would hope. Looking to words from seasoned leaders, such as U.S. Money Reserve’s CEO, can help provide needed context and information during this trying time. Though the road ahead may not be easy, it can be made smoother with knowledge and an informed viewpoint on current affairs.

About the Company

U.S. Money Reserve is a leading supplier of government-issued gold coins; the company benefits from the leadership of CEO Angela Roberts and President Philip N. Diehl. Diehl, owing to his experience as a former director of the U.S. Mint, brings unique insight into both government policy and the pursuit of personal financial freedom. Together, the leaders direct company Account Executives on how best to cater to customer needs and tailor recommendations to existing portfolios. Owing to this perspective, the company has earned an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

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