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Why is Investment Advisor Software Beneficial?

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Financial advisors always use different types of investment advisor software solutions while analyzing the portfolios of their clients to make an important decision which can affect the whole financial structure. There are several software available in the market which is effective in the financial advising industry. From Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to tracking portfolio and document management, there are so many numbers of requirements faced by the advisor which needs from solutions. Financial investment advisor those who are new in this industry or looking for a switch may want to check all of their options. Some of the most famous and beneficial software are given below:

CRM Software: Financial advisors rely on statistics to make the most important decisions. CRM software mainly helps in collecting, organizing and presenting data. CRM Software also improves the overall business process yet reducing the costs. So, CRM can boost business productivity by reducing the costs and allow advisors to store data so that it could easily access. It also analyzes and monitors communications with the clients to execute proper transactions. So, overall we can say CRM software help the advisor for data collection, improved communication to the clients, integrated clearly into the transaction process and even reduce expenses.

MoneyGuidePro: MoneyGuidePro is one of the most useful investment advisor software from the past seven to eight years as per the Financial Planning’s survey of registered investment advisors (RIA). It is easy to use and sophisticated yet goal-based planning tools that help in every situation starting from calculating college savings to maximizing Social security as well. Financial Advisors are also appreciating this software for the detailed reporting capabilities which can generate great reports for the clients. It has a popular CRM software and brokerage services.

Riskalyze: It is a risk analysis tool that has been designed to help the financial advisors to pinpoint risk tolerance, map retirements, engineer portfolios and stress-test clients against the upcoming or possible recessions in future. This software enables the advisors to collect valuable and important data which is required to close leads which many advisors may faced a hard time of doing without the right tools. Not only that, a financial advisor can use this as a value-added tool for helping in marketing and portfolio designing rather than doing any client management and reporting. This software is mainly useful when on boarding or interviewing clients to create a complete risk workup.

Redtail Technology: It provides a CRM platform to the financial advisors so that they can manage communication with the clients. The platform is easy to handle, cost-effective and modified to financial professionals. It also includes office integration and automation with the latest technologies used by planners. As it is a CRM technology-based tool, the company provides imaging service, secured document storage and email archiving service.

There are so many investment advisor software solutions like Stratify designed to make life easier for the financial advisors by automating client workflow and enhancing marketing efforts. So, advisors must try such software solutions in order to maximize their competitive edge at the industrial level.

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