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6 Proven fundraising strategies to raise funds for your non-profit organization

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Nowadays, fundraising strategies are evolving more and more rapidly each year and it is not easy to raise funds for a charity. Before, major donors filled large checks, while today, donors are smaller but more numerous and are using new ways to donate.

Check out this article about fundraising strategies that have been proven:

1. Low-cost events

It is a unique fundraising idea that overturns the refined and sophisticated customary fundraising event. Instead of celebrating an elegant cocktail in a luxury hotel, organize an event with hamburgers and beer in a mid-level restaurant. Tell your donors that this is such an important year for your organization that you want to invest the most money raised in your program or mission, instead of using it at the event. This only works if you charge the full amount (the same amount you used to charge for the elegant event) and if you are willing to make it somewhat rustic.

2. The reverse draw!

Do you plan to organize a raffle at your next fundraising event? You could try the reverse draws. Instead of buying tickets, attendees receive a free ticket at the entrance. Only, instead of winning a prize, the winner will receive a garment, something a bit embarrassing, such as having to dance with a group of clowns, kiss the club’s four-legged pet, or having to wear a funny wig and march with the band.

People can then “sell” their ticket to the organization in exchange for a donation (to not participate in the draw). If you want a more creative raffle yet, you can organize it in such a way that people can return their tickets on a sliding scale: the first 10 will be accepted back for a donation of US $ 1, the next 10 for US $ 2, the others 10 for US $ 4 and so on.

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3. Direct action fundraising

Unique fundraising ideas work best if they are directly linked to your organization’s mission. That’s the idea behind direct-action fundraising. Instead of asking people to simply donate to your organization, link your request to a specific direct action your organization will take as part of their work. For example, ask people to donate $ 25 each to buy school supplies for needy children, or $ 50 to buy 25 bricks from the new shelter they are building.

4. Pay for work

Many people like to get down to work and work: they want to feel more involved in your organization, instead of just writing a check. If it’s convenient for your organization, hold a “pay for work” event that combines fundraising and volunteering at a great opportunity.

With this idea, people are asked to make a donation in exchange for a position as part of your volunteering day. For example, suppose you are painting a school. You can find 30 volunteers willing to pay a “reverse salary” of US $ 50 each to be part of the painters team. You can even find someone who donates US $ 500 for being the “foreman for a day”. Be creative.

5. Certified mail

If you have really good news to share and you want to excel and reach your most important donors, consider running a certified mail campaign. It’s one of my favorite fundraising ideas, but it requires thorough planning and the right list, since your mail should only be given to important donors who already support your organization.

Send an email to your main donors to tell them that you have really important, rather monumental news. Ask them to check their mailbox.

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Then, one or two days after the email, send your most important donors a letter by certified mail, where you tell them the news and why they are so important. Tell them why you need money, right now, in relation to that good news, and it includes a return envelope.

People always open certified mail and read them carefully. If you have a good list, great news and a good reason to request money, this can be a good way to raise money for your organization.

6. Own channels

The donation website of your entity is the main channel. You will have to ask yourself if it is optimized for SEO and if it is optimized for fundraising.

Newsletter: Mail marketing actions are very important, and also allow us to do many things, inform, solicit donations, invite events, loyalty to donors and partners.

Social networks: One more support to communicate and disseminate events. It is about having professionalism in its use. They are not the panacea, often require investment to get fans or followers, but you definitely have to be because there is your potential donor.

Landing page: A landing page is a page that has a goal. In our case, it may be to convert visitors into donors or leads. Design an event landing page.

And you, do you have any original and innovative idea to raise? Share!

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