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Car Insurance Policy for Seniors Over 70

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Lots of people continue their habit of driving own cars even in their ripe age over 70. However, it is seen that these senior citizens are more prone to face car accidents while driving to their destinations. In this old age, they are likely to lose their original body reflex and some people also develop vision problems, resulting in frequent accidents on roads. Thus, these seniors over 70 should look out for cheap car insurance that will fit into their budgets and take care of all expenses in the case of accidental damages. 

Best car insurance policy for seniors 

  • Hartford Insurance – AARP Plan offered by Hartford Insurance is considered to be the best car insurance policy for aged people over 70. It is designed to fit the needs of aged drivers and discounts offered by Hartford to make the insurance plan more affordable for them. If the driver manages to maintain an accident-free record for a whole year, more deductibles are available to lower the premium amount. 
  • GEICO Insurance – When a person over 70 looks out for cheap car insurance, GEICO or Government Employees Insurance Company is the ideal choice. The retired government employees and defense staff are offered special discounts by this company. The insurance cost rates offered by this company are the cheapest in all the states of the USA, compared to most of the other insurance companies operating throughout the country. The drivers with clear records of the last 5 years also get discounts on their auto insurance premiums.  
  • Amica Insurance – This insurance company is widely known for offering the best auto insurance for aged people, mainly who have crossed the age of 70. Handsome discounts are offered on several grounds, like owning a home, taking a defensive driving course, and paying full premium in time. Customers are offered special perks, like free lock replacement for their insured cars if their car keys are stolen or lost. 
  • Allstate Insurance – Allstate Insurance Company offers various lucrative discounts are offered to aged customers over 70. The senior auto insurance may be cheaper in this company if customers have new cars or installed security systems in their cars. The company provides a Driverwise app for tracking the performances of every aged driver, based on which more discounts are available.

Restrictions and penalties for drivers over 70

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There are different restrictions imposed on aged drivers over 70, which vary from state to state all over the USA. 

  • In many states, like Washington, Kentucky, Arkansas, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Mississippi, Michigan, and Oklahoma; no restriction is imposed over the aged drivers. 
  • Some states, like California, Louisiana, and Alaska, drivers over 70 are not allowed to renew their car insurance by mail. 
  • In Georgia, aged people need to pass a vision test for renewal or purchase of auto insurance for their cars. 
  • In Columbia, drivers over 70 need to pass a vision test and they should produce a physician’s letter certifying them to be healthy. 
  • In Massachusetts, people over 70 have to visit the insurance company’s office in person for renewal of their car insurance policies. 

How to save money on auto insurance   

The aged customers should shop around extensively and now, the internet has made this search much simpler. They only need to surf online and check the websites of all leading car insurance companies of their states, to know the features and cost of each auto insurance policy. The insurance cost often depends on the price of a newly purchased car and safety features installed in that car. The home insurance and all other auto insurance policies should be bought from the same company, to avail some extra discounts. All the discount offers from the chosen insurance should be checked to find how many of them can be availed by a customer over 70.

There are many more options regarding the car insurance policy for senior citizens over the age of 70, which can make their driving securer. 


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