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15 Top Otakustream Alternatives to Stream Anime Shows Online

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Otakustream is an anime streaming website, which once secured the top position among the most popular anime streaming sites. It offered an extensive collection of anime shows and movies to its users without any subscription. However, like several other free online streaming sites, Otakustream was also banned and blocked in several countries.

Thankfully, several Otakustream alternatives work perfect for streaming anime shows. If you are looking forward to a reliable replacement for your usual Otakustream website, this blog is for you.

We have got together 15 top alternatives that will allow you stream your favorite anime shows for free in high-resolution video quality. Read on and choose one that suits your needs best.

Top Otakustream Alternatives in 2020


1. AnimePark

AnimePark is among the most reliable alternative to Otakustream as it offers almost all kinds of anime episodes with English subtitles. The best part is you need not pay anything to watch your favorite anime. It is completely free! Moreover, you can download anime shows from AnimePark.
AnimePark features over 4000 anime shows currently, which keeps on updating frequently. You can stream your desired anime shows in HD quality without any charges. You also need not worry about buffering or other kinds of interruptions. AnimePark allows users to choose anime shows divided into different genres, such as drama, action, adventure, romance, etc. The user interface of the website is also clean and straightforward. It offers several streaming servers to its users to watch their favorite anime shows.


2. Daisuki

If you are not able to stream anime shows on Otakustream, here’s a decent alternative to go for. Daisuki. It is another full-fledged anime website that provides high-quality streaming without any interruptions. However, it is better is you have ad-blocker and VPN installed in your system.

Real anime companies developed this anime website, thus offers every anime show that exists. You will find even the rarest of animes along with all the famous and latest animes on Daisuki.

Even though you can easily watch all the anime shows without signing up on the website, we would suggest to log in for high-resolution quality videos. You can even use Daisuki’s Android and iOS apps once you sign up on the site. Isn’t that amazing?

Another significant point that makes it better than other Otakustream alternatives on the list is that it has got a well-organized interface and website design. You can easily find all the anime shows divided into specific categories based on their genres.


3. Anilinkz

Anilinkz is another excellent alternative you can use to stream your favorite anime shows. This website boasts a comprehensive collection of anime shows and movies that makes it better than Okatustram and other anime streaming websites.

The anime shows on Anilinkz are both dubbed and subbed in different languages, which makes it suitable for users from across the globe. The database is frequently updated with new and classic anime shows. All thanks to the developer team!

In addition to its incredible user interface, the well-divided anime shows into specific genres is the best thing about this website. From ongoing anime shows, to old and classic animes, you will find everything on this site. You get all these features for free! So, why not choose Anilinkz when Otakustream disappoints you with security issues.

Anime Season

4. Anime Season

If you are an anime lover, you will love Anime Season. It is worth giving a try when other anime streaming sites like Otakustream fails to work on your system. The wide collection of anime on this website is fantastic. You can easily spend hours of your day watching different anime shows and not get bored!

All the popular anime shows, such as Hunter, Alice of Zouroku, etc. can be found here. The user interface of the site is also appealing. You can easily find different anime shows and play them within seconds on Anime Season. Now you know why it is one of the most known anime streaming websites across the globe.

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The best thing about the website is you get all the anime shows for free! No registration, no signup or subscriptions. It is an anime streaming website with minimum ads and pop-ups. The video quality of the shows is also available in high-resolution. A cinematic experience right at your home! The anime shows are divided into categories such as most recent series, full series listing, genres and highest rated series.

Anime Planet

5. Anime Planet

The one best reason why Anime-Planet is one of the top-class alternatives to Otakustream is its vast library of 45,000 legal anime shows. Launched in the year 2001, it is the favorite place for anime and manga lovers to find their favorite anime and manga content.

The homepage of the website is thoroughly designed with a user-friendly interface and categorized into different sections of animes like the latest anime suggestions, trending manga of the week and more. It has got a wide collection of HD quality manga and anime shows for you to access for free.


6. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is another fantastic alternative to Otakustream. It is not juts an anime website but also has manga and doroma to offer its users. Doroma is a Japanese TV drama, which is quite popular in some countries. So, here’s everything you will need to pass your leisure time.

Crunchyroll, launched in 2006, is now one of the most-talked anime streaming websites. It features over 900 series containing almost 25,000 episodes. You can rely on this website to stream your favorite anime videos when Otakustream doesn’t work for you.


7. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is another free anime streaming website that you can use to watch anime videos on your mobile devices and PC. The site features full-length episodes of your favorite animes—all in one place. You simply need to search for the anime you want and start streaming. It has also got mobile apps, which you can download easily online.

However, AnimeLab is exclusively for the people of Australia and New Zealand. But, nothing’s impossible in the world of technology! You can use a VPN service to access AnimeLab in your country.


8. Chia-Anime

Another name on the list of Otakustream alternatives is Chia-Anime. In this place, you get all your favorite anime and manga videos for free. So, you are Japanese and want to watch anime videos in your language? No worries when streaming with Chia-anime!

The anime streaming website has got the option of choosing from various languages to watch your favorite anime. Its amazing user-interface makes it possible to feature thousands of anime and manga episodes, including movies, shows, drama, soundtracks and more.

Anime Freak

9. Anime Freak

Anime Freak is another go-to website when Otakustream fails to support your system. If you are a lover of anime and manga videos, you are going to love this website. The site features a vast database of manga and anime content categorized into various genres, such as humor, horror, romance, action, etc. It has a friendly and attractive user-interface with several successful links like the latest episodes, ongoing animes, browse by genre, popular anime and more.


10. GoGo Anime

Similar to Otakustream, GoGo Anime is a website offering all kinds of anime shows and movies in different resolutions to watch online. What’s best about it? It is free! It has got a properly-designed homepage with all the content organized in AtoZ order for better navigation.

From the latest anime shows to all the popular movies and old classic anime shows, you will find everything on this anime streaming website.


11. A2zAnime

A2zAnime is among the highly-rated Otakustream alternatives, which allows you to stream the most popular anime videos in high video quality, ranging from 360p to 1080p. When watching videos on A2zAnime, you have the option to vote and rate the anime video. This way, the content creators can know the viewer’s experience.

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The website is built using simple user-interface and design. The homepage features wide categories of genres for you to choose, such as comedy, horror, fantasy, historical, drama, magic and others.


12. 9Anime

9Anime is among the most popular anime streaming website that engages millions of anime lovers with its high-quality and extensive database.

There is no need to register on the website to watch your favorite anime videos. The one thing that makes it stand out from other anime websites on this list of Otakustream alternatives is it offers videos in both dubbed and subbed English versions. The sound quality of the anime videos featured on the website is outstanding.

Anime Land

13. Anime Land

Another relevant anime website that finds a place in our list of Otakustream alternatives is Anime Land. The site enables the users to live stream and download different anime movies from the comprehensive collection of dubbed anime without going through a registration process.

On the website, you will find all the English-dubbed anime shows to watch and download on your mobile devices and PC.

Anime Frenzy

14. Anime Frenzy

The next alternative is Anime Frenzy, a website with a simple user interface and vast anime library that is updated regularly. Over the last few years, the site has gained high popularity across the anime fans living in various parts of the world. You can also communicate with other users while watching the same manga or anime video using the chat room feature.


15. HorribleSubs

Of all the websites included as an alternative to Otakustream in this blog, HorribleSubs is the newest. Despite being late in the race of the best anime streaming sites, HorribleSubs has made a beautiful place, among others. It enables the users to watch and download episodes of their most loved anime shows in various resolutions – 480p to 1080p.
The website’s homepage features a section, ‘Release Schedule’, where you can find the list of upcoming anime episodes, their release date and time.

Why should you use a VPN to stream anime shows?

A large number of people watch anime online and most of the website streaming anime shows are illegal. You might also face issues like getting your system infected with viruses or malware as these sites contain ads and files that could be malicious. So, it is always suggested to use a VPN while accessing such websites.
You can avail lots of benefits by using an excellent VPN service. Read on to know why VPN is so essential.

Unblock the sites under regional bans

Due to certain copyright violations and other security reasons, anime websites are frequently blocked in some particular regions or countries. If your favorite anime streaming site is blocked in your country or region, you can use a VPN to unblock it.

A VPN enables you to bypass these geo-blocks by connecting you to another server altogether. Yes, through a VPN, You can be transferred to a server of another country where the site is not banned or block. So, you can easily access the website without any issues.

Prevents leak of your information

Using a VPN, you can ensure a secure internet connection and complete data encryption. When your data is encrypted, your details remain private and protected against the hackers and ISPs tracking your online actions. It becomes near to impossible for the hackers to know your location, your details or infect your PC with malware.

Avoid legal trouble

A VPN hides your IP address, preventing your data from being leaked to the ISPs or hackers. So, even when you are streaming videos on an illegal anime site, your IP or other data will not be exposed, keeping you safe from any legal trouble.

You can easily watch and download anime shows or movies on these websites. Your online activity remains secure!

In a Nutshell

Otakustream was once a popular anime streaming website, which was shut down due to legal troubles with the cyber authorities. These Otakustream alternatives are the perfect options to continue watching your favorite anime shows for free. But, make sure you secure your IP address and online activity using a VPN.

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