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What a Rager! 5 Unforgettable College Party Ideas to Try Out

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There are approximately 5,300 colleges and universities in the United States, so if you are trying to plan an epic rager better than the rest you better be ready to step your game up! Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back with the top 5 unforgettable college party ideas for you and your crew!

These parties offer something for everyone, so don’t wait around for someone to out plan your party! Let’s get started!

1. Blast From the Past

It might seem a little tired, but not when you plan it the right way! The current vibes sweeping the nation are reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s, so why not pay homage to the era! Don’t get stuck on bell-bottoms and tie-dye, this isn’t your Grandma’s costume party!

Encourage no bras, body painting, and hookah smoking…just don’t forget the hookah charcoals! Have your playlist set to all the greatest party hits from the era, and break out the guitar for the obligatory party jam session!

2. Rags or Riches

This is a great party for all of your friends regardless of their budget! For this creative college party, you will have your guests decide what style they will be vibing…rags or riches!

For the riches have your guest dress their best and flaunt it all night long. For the rags encourage your guests to find the crazy thrift store digs they can get their hands on! Serve a variety of beverages from high to low class alongside both red solo cups and some fun plastic Champagne flutes for the riches!

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3. Genre Party

This is a fun idea that you can incorporate your favorite music into. First, pick a favorite band or a favorite music genre. Next, decorate your pad with posters and details that support the theme. Have your guests dress up accordingly and party!

If your genre is hair metal bands then have the guest layer on the spandex and break out the hairspray to stay on theme. If you choose grunge as your theme have your guests break the angst and flannel gear!

4. Casino Night

Turn your place into Monte Carlo for this college party throwdown! Have some of your friends sign up to be designated dealers for the night or take turns being the gamblers and dealers.

Head to your local party story to grab some Casino themed party decor like large dice and playing cards. To make it interesting and charitable you could choose to play for a local fundraiser or charity that benefits your school.

5. Halloween Hoopla

College Halloween party ideas usually are centered around who can dress the sexiest, and honestly, it’s a little played out! Instead, plan your Halloween party with a specific scene. For example, choose a popular movie or your favorite movie genre and have your guests dress up based on the category.

If you have guests that dress up in matching costumes don’t worry, it’s a good thing! At the end of the night, you can judge a ‘who wore it better’ contest for the party attendees!

The Best College Party Ideas

These college party ideas will liven up your mundane college parties and be the talk on campus for the whole year! Make every party memorable by taking lots of photos and sending them to the guests post-party!

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