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30 Sites Like SolarMovie to Watch Free Movies [100% Working]

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SolarMovie is among the most popular online streaming websites across the web. You can find almost all kinds of movies on SolarMovies. The website offers a wide collection of old and new movies, TV series and web series. It has got a great user-interface and you get to watch videos in HD quality. Some of its other features include a search engine, fewer ads, free movie downloads, download without registration and less disturbance.

However, there are some ISPs that have banned the website or there could be a possibility of the website being down for some reason or the other. Thanks to the several SolarMovies alternatives available online.

We have got you the best SolarMovie alternative in this blog, which you can browse to watch your favorite movies, TV series and web series. You can find countrywise content on these websites but might have to get the premium version of some to watch specific movies.

Attention: Read before Visiting Any Movie Website

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Top 30 SolarMovie Alternatives in 2020


1. YesMovies

To top the list is YesMovies, the most trusted SolarMovie alternative you will find on the web. It consists of a wide variety of English movies and popular TV series. You can have content from different countries and watch them without any prior registration or download. It is an online streaming site supported countries like China, France, India, Japan, HongKong, Korea, Thailand, United States, United Kingdom and a few other European and Asian countries.


2. Fmovies

Another free online movie site that serves as a superb SolarMovie alternative is Fmovies. If you are unable to access SolarMovie, switch to Fmovies and watch the desired movie or TV series without any interruptions. There are no ads to disturb your movie watching experience. Moreover, you get to watch HD quality videos of content from different countries. It has a perfect user-interface that allows the user to find the desired content from its categories of latest movies, suggestions, latest TV series, etc.


3. 123Movies

123Movies is another great alternative to SolarMovie for the movie buffs. You will find the best quality, latest online TV series, movies, anime and more. They have a responsible and friendly support team who take requests of movies you want to watch. You can request them to upload your favorite TV series, anime or movies.

123Movies is one of the best for there perfect categorization of content. They have divided the content based on Movies, featured, TV series, genres, episodes, Top IMDB, release years, requested, etc.


4. Cmovies

Cmovies is an online streaming website that serves as a perfect SolarMovie alternative. You will find a smooth design layout and interface, much similar to the premium online streaming websites. Cmovies has its content divided into sections such as suggestions, latest TV series, latest movies, feature series, requested, etc..

You can watch movies online for free in both HQ and HD picture quality. You can search for movies based on its genre, top IMDb rating, release year, country, etc. The types of movies on Cmovies include Action, Adventure, Biography, latest Motion, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Documentary and many more.


5. Vumoo

Like several other online streaming sites, Vumoo is also designed with the best user interface for an uninterrupted experience of watching movies, TV series, etc. It allows users to watch movies online for free in GD and HQ picture quality. If you want to watch the movie later, you can download it for free. Moreover, you do not even need to register on Vumoo to enjoy its amazing features. They divide their content based on genre, TV series, movies, release years, etc.


6. Bmovies

Bmovies offers unlimited online streaming of movies, TV series for free without any registration process. You can enjoy its amazing features, much similar to SolarMovie. Its media content falls into different categories when divided – Genre, Movies, TV series, A-Z list, Top IMDB, release years, news, etc.

You can find the latest movies, TV series online and stream it with smooth watching experience. The streaming quality is so good that you need download every movie or TV series. You got time and internet – watch any movie you want in HD format on Bmovies!


7. YoMovies

Yomovies serves as another excellent SolarMovie alternative providing an incredible set of online movies. It categorizes its media content based on the type of Movies, such as, Hollywood Movies, Bollywood Movies, Hindi dubbed movies, south Indian hind dubbed movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Punjabi movies, etc.

You get to watch all the content in HD & HQ format. Like the other alternative sites to SolarMovie, you need not register or signup with YoMovies.


8. Hulu

One of the most reliable and famous online streaming website, Hulu, serves as a good SolarMovie alternative. It is an online platform for watching your favorite movies and TV series by buying a basic plan starting at as low as $7.99 per month. You will get to choose from a list of thousands of latest and old movies, popular TV shows, etc.

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What’s special about the website? It offers SHOWTIME, HBO, CINEMAX and STARZ as add-ons. So, you get your TV programs right here, at one place! It also allows your to stream live and exclusive sports channels.


9. M4uFree

Want to watch your favorite TV shows and movies for free, but not able to open SolarMovie? Don’t worry when you can stream M4ufree.tv. It is an online streaming website that offers a wide range of selection of movies and TV series.

It categorizes the content on the basis of Genre, release year, latest movies, latest TV-series, most watched movies, new TV-series, new movies, etc. You can find content through its search engine by inserting search works like actors, TV series names, director’s name, movie name, etc.


10. IOMovies

IOMovies is another amazing SolarMovie alternative that allows you to stream our favorite TV series or movies in HD or HQ format without signing up to the website.  It is a top-rated streaming website that categorizes its media content into latest movies, latest TV series, suggestions, great movies, top-rated movies, etc.

The types of movies they upload on IOMovies include drama, comedy, adventure, action, animation, biography, crime, costume, documentary, mystery, musical, Sitcom, Romance, Thriller, Sport, etc.


11. VexMovies

VexMovies is an online streaming platform similar to SolarMovie online. You can watch your favorite movies online without interrupting ads or other pop-ups. It has a clean user interface that allows you find the desired TV shows or movies without any hassle.

To watch a movie online on VexMovies, you simply need to click on the play vbutton on the screen after opening the film thumbnail. The collection of content on VexMovies is categorized into Action, Genre, drama, horror, crime, comedy, etc.


12. SpaceMov

Want to watch a movie but SolarMovie is banned in your country? We would suggest trying SpaceMov, a perfect SolarMovie alternative. It is an online streaming platform where you will find almost all kinds of movies, web series and TV series.

Search on the basis of new movies, new TV series, popular TV shows, popular movies, etc and start streaming the desired video in high quality format. You will find web links of popular movies from open sources.


13. GoStream

GoStream is one of the most popular online streaming platform that works well as an alternative to SolarMovie. You can watch and download any TV show or movies for free. No interrupting ads while you are streaming a movie online!

GoStream provides almost all the movies based on genre, action, comedy, drama, horror, fantasy, romance, thriller, Sci-Fi, war, etc. You can watch movies in high speed without signing up or registering for the website. Looking forward to watching a movie online, browse GoStream now!

Yify TV

14. Yify TV

Another alternative for SolarMovie is Yify TV, a platform that allows you to watch TV shows and movies online. Its user interface is amazing and you can easily find a movie of your wish using its search engine. You will have the best movie watching experience at Yify TV as the videos doesn’t include irritating ads or poop-ups.

Not just this, you need not register with the website to watch a movie. Simply open the film thumbnail and click on the play button. The media content of Yify TV is categorized into release year, genres and country-based online TV shows and movies. The best part is you get an access to watching movies in 21+ languages!


15. LunchFlix

The next on the list of SolarMovie alternatives is LunchFlix. It is a user-friendly website similar to other online streaming websites on the list but the best thing is that it is not full of unwanted ads and pop-ups. You can easily search and browse movies and other tv shows according to your desire and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment session for hours.

It offers movies and TV shows categorized into sections such as latest release movies, top-rated movies, most watched movies, latest movies, movies and TV shows by name or episodes.


16. Movie4u

Another better alternative to SolarMovie is Movie4u, which provides latest TV shows and movies for you to view in HD format. Its media content collection is divided into categories like Hindi dubbed movies, English movies, trending movies, trending TV shows, Top IMDB, latest movies, etc.

The streaming quality of movie4u will never disappoint you as it provides high speed and ad-free videos. You do not need to sign up or register to view movies online on Movie4u. Now you know, where to go when SolarMovie is not supporting your system.


17. PutLocker

PutLocker is one of the most favorite alternatives to SolarMovie. This highly user-friendly online streaming platform is known for the ways the content is organized. You can find your desired movie or TV show within seconds on PutLocker. You can even request them to add your favorite TV shows or movies on, just like 123movies.

The media content on PutLocker is divided into categories such as Trending TV shows, Trending movies, top rated IMDB movies, new episodes, A-Z list, most favorite, cartoon HD and more. It has got movies based on different genre like Adventure, Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Thriller, etc.


18. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher is yet another incredible online streaming website offering a wide collection of movies and TV shows for you to watch. The content is divided into different categories like most popular, recent movies, new TV series, high rated movies and TV shows, release year, genre-based, etc.

It offers various streaming servers and you can watch a TV series or movie online anytime for free. You even don’t require signing up at the website! They refresh their database each day and you get to watch all the movies in best HD quality. You can stream online videos on both your PC and smartphone. You can also download movies to watch later.

Prime Wire

19. Prime Wire

PrimeWire is one of the best website you can browse, when not able to access SolarMovie. It boasts the most amazing library of movies and TV shows online and offers you to watch the content for free. The website offers high-speed online streaming feature and you can also download your favorite movies to create your own library.

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It divides the content based on genre such as Adventure, Action, Comedy, Biography, Crime, Drama, Documentary, Fantasy, Romance, Horror, History, Kungfu, Thriller, Mythological, Animation, Sport, Sci-Fi, etc. You can sort the movies or TV shows through the different categories like genres, most popular, dates, latest movies, A-Z list, etc.


20. WatchFree

WatchFree is one of the most reliable and popular online movies website offering everything you need to know about movies and TV series. It uses open API from external resources such as TheMovieDB or IMDB.

You can find any movie or TV show on this website without much hassle. No registration or sign up required to watch a movie or TV series! The content on WatchFree is categorized into various genres, most popular movies, dates, latest movies, Top 100, TV series, HD movies, etc. The types of movies uploaded on this website include the genres such as Adventure, Action, Romance, Thriller, Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Biography and more.


21. AllMovie

AllMovie is a fantastic SolarMovie alternative that offers recent streaming online TV series, movies, videos, etc. The best part is you will find almost all the content available in Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play here.

Movies uploaded on AllMovie is categorized into new releases, recommendations, discover, New to stream, reviews, Lists, dates, years, genres, advanced search, etc. The speed and quality of online streaming is as good as SolarMovie. You won’t be disappointed with its features and collection of content. It includes different genre of movies such as Romance, Action, Adventure, Thriller, Comedy, Drama, Crime, Documentary and many more.


22. WatchMoviesFree

WatchMoviesFree is an online streaming platform that offers you the facility of streaming your favorite movies and TV series for free at high video quality. The online movie categories on watch MoviesFree include recommendations, new releases, discover, new to stream, advanced search, reviews, articles, themes, lists, moods, etc.

The quality and speed of online streaming is amazing – HQ & HD quality videos. It consists of movies from different genre such as Drama, Family, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Romance and more.


23. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a free online streaming website similar to SolarMovie providing high quality movies, videos and TV shows. The media content of the website is divided into categories like latest TV shows, videos, latest movies, new releases, suggestions, etc. The video quality is also amazing as compared to other SolarMovie alternatives. It also has some mirror websites.


24. Z123Movies

Z123Movies! Is an emerging community-built online movies and TV database that offers the users free movies, TV shows and other kinds of videos. The online movie category includes year wise, latest movies, latest TV shows, recently added, suggestions, popular movies, upcoming movies, etc.

It is an online streaming website much similar to PrimeWire, Project Free TV, PutLocker and Tubeplus. The streaming quality offered is uninterrupted, high-quality and fast.


25. GoMovies

Next SolarMovie alternative on the list is GoMovies – a popular online streaming website providing best HD movies, TV shows, etc. You get to watch all your favorite movies and Tv sh0ws for free without following a registration or signup process. The content is classified into different categories like Top IMDB, TV series, country, A-Z list, genre-based, year based, 123Movies, News, etc.

The different kinds of movies uploaded on the website includes various genres like Crime, Action, Romance, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Biography, Horror, Thriller, and more.


26. CineBloom

Another popular online streaming website that you can use as the best SolarMovie alternative is CineBloom. Even though it is not categorized into country, user rating and IMDB rating, you can still easily find your desired movies and TV shows.

All you need to do is click on the Movies Category button and get the list depending on genres and years. You can select depending on your interests and mood and start watching the video online. Click on the play button and enjoy an uninterrupted movie experience.


27. Losmovies

Los-Movies is an excellent online streaming platform to watch movies and TV series for free. You do not require any kind of premium subscription or download charges. Plus, you don’t even need to register or sign up on the website.

The best part is you get to watch movies from different languages and it is categorized based on actors, genres, directors, countries, etc.


28. Megasharesc

This one is very similar to Megashare and SolarMovie but has a large database. You will find all the latest movies and TV shows on the website easily. In case Megashare doesn’t work for you, you can always switch to this mirror website and an alternative to SolarMovie.


29. Soap2Day

soap2day.to has a friendly user-interface which offers great features like better categorization of content for the users. You can watch all the latest and blockbuster movies and TV shows on Megashare for free. The video quality of the movies and TV shows on this website is of high quality and provides a decent cinema experience right at your home.


30. MoviesJoy

The last on the list of best SolarMovie alternatives is MoviesJoy. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free, without registration. The media content on MoviesJoy is categorized into country and genre. You can choose based on your interests and mood. It also has the top rated IMDB movies, which you can watch with just one click. The video quality is decent, fast and without interruptions.


These 30 SolarMovie alternatives can be your savior when you feel like watching a movie or TV show and SolarMovie stops working. If you know any other alternatives, do add them in the comment section below.


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