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Embrace The Holiday Season Christmas Games and More

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No matter whether you are hosting your kid’s classroom party or having your family over for the holidays, you must be prepared to give them an enjoyable experience – preferably something out of the box.

There are so many dazzling items except Christmas wreaths and garlands, which helps you to spruce up your home or party are on the festive season.

So how about checking these games out so you and the kids can play in groups while having fun at the same time? Let’s begin.

Santa’s Reindeer

This one’s a bit old-school like a scavenger hunting game where players have to locate Santa’s reindeer hidden around the party space.

Materials required: Pen and paper, printed reindeer images (you may use the internet for this purpose of yours).

How to play:

Hide the reindeer images as discreetly as possible before the start of the game. Some of our suggestions are: behind a light, inside a Christmas photo booth (in case you have opted for a photo booth hire London which we highly recommend you do because photo booths can amplify the fun of almost any party), under a chair or a table, near the Christmas tree mixed with other presents, etc.

You should also prepare a tabular sheet beforehand so that players can note down the approximate location of the reindeer before they start playing the game.

Once the players arrive, hand the sheet over.

Then start with a background story like Santa had a massive party last night where he lost all his reindeer. And now, he needs your help. The one who can help him find the most number of reindeer, wins.

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You can also follow up the story with hints, providing the players with a rough estimation of possible locations like your office, yard, or the ballroom. Then finally, wrap things up by saying that the winner gets an exclusive prize which you would like to keep as a secret. The children would fall for it for sure.

Pass the Parcel

Materials Required: Small gift boxes; the smaller they are, the better it’s going to be.

How to play:

This game’s quite similar to that of musical chairs.

As soon as the music plays, the players will have to pass the parcel around in a clockwise direction. As soon as it stops, the player with the parcel at that point in time will get the opportunity to take a part of the wrapping off.

The last player to unwrap the present gets to keep it once and for all.

Gift Wrapping Relay

Materials required: 2 identical gift-wrapped boxes, tapes, and wrapping papers.

How to play

As far as this game is concerned, players should play in teams.

One player from each team would start this game by unwrapping a gift at a fixed wrapping station (it can be anything like a stool, table, etc.) where pre-cut tapes and wraps are set up for the game.

They will then have to rewrap the entire package from scratch as quickly as possible and race back to the starting point to pass on the opportunity to the next person. The team finishing first, wins.

Gift stack relay

Materials required: 2 stools, Wrapped boxes, chairs or tables.

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How to play

In this game, players will have to participate in teams.

You’ll have to divide each team into halves by placing half of them on one end of the room and the other on the opposite. Maintain a distance of around 15 to 20 feet between them.

Now place 3 gifts on top of one another, preferably on a table or a stool. Tell the kids that they’ll have to transport these gifts from one stool to the other without dropping any in between. If even one parcel falls, they’ll have to race back to the starting point and start over again.

The team completing the job in the least time wins.

Race with snowballs

Materials required: Spoons and Styrofoam balls.

How to play

All players will again have to play in teams.

Each team would take turns to balance the Styrofoam ball on their respective spoons and walk from an end of the room to the other. The team finishing first wins.

A Final word

Always remember that naughty or nice, everyone loves a good party game. They can play a major role in breaking the ice encouraging the kids to mingle with one another. With that, we’ll bring this post to an end. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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