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Can Technology Reduce Drunk Driving? Here’s to Uber DUI Reduction

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Can Technology Reduce Drunk Driving? Here's to Uber DUI Reduction

We’ve all had a few drinks and needed to get home safely, but unfortunately, 30.6 million Americans say they have driven drunk. Fortunately, because of apps like Uber, safe rides are now easier than ever.

However, the question remains as to whether or not drunk driving has decreased now that there’s an easy alternative.

Let’s talk about Uber DUI reduction if it’s real, and how significant it is.

Is There an Uber DUI Reduction?

Let’s face it, decision-making skills are not at their finest after consuming alcohol. Not only that, Uber fares can be expensive, especially late at night.

That’s a mix that could possibly lead somebody who is intoxicated to convince themselves that they are sober enough to drive home.

However, many responsible adults use the app regularly now when they go out, which should definitely reduce the rate, but by how much?

DUI Laws

Everybody knows that driving under the influence is dangerous and it can ruin lives. DUI laws have been getting more and more strict in recent years, and the risk is definitely not worth the reward.

Drunk driving laws all across the country have been seeing much higher penalties, especially in the cases of accidents and deaths.

With Uber, you have a driver with a clean driving record, who passed a background check, and who can get you home safely. No cash required, the app will charge your credit card automatically, and someone comes to pick you up.

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All of this comes with a few clicks on your smartphone, so everybody who has access to this app should be using it when drinking.

Luckily, many people have been. So, how big of a difference has Uber made to help stop DUIs?

How Much Did It Reduce?

So how big of a difference did it make? It depends on two factors: the study and the city.

There is no doubt that DUI arrests have gone down in multiple cities across the country since Uber became popular.

Georgia, a state known for having many DUI checkpoints, saw a massive decrease in DUI arrests after Uber launched in their city.

Much of the hard data on the matter has not been reported by some major states. However, some of the major cities have noticed a difference.

California’s major cities have seen DUI arrests decrease between 14% and 32% in the last few years. That’s an impressive drop!

Uber and their major competitor, Lyft, are extremely popular in cities like Los Angelos, and it is hard to dispute that they have made the city’s roads safer.

What Else?

Uber DUI reduction is a major victory for their company and for public safety. While Uber receives various criticisms, we should all appreciate the benefits of such a convenient and safe way to reduce drunk driving.

More than a quarter of driving fatalities involve a drunk driver, so this trend is more than welcome to continue.

If you’re looking to contribute to the cause and make some money doing it, but you’re nervous about it, find out how to get over your fear of driving to learn more.

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