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How to Become a DJ Professionally This Year

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How to Become a DJ Professionally This Year

The Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid DJs estimates top DJs can earn six figures in one night. While that’s a compelling reason to DJ, few people reach that level.

In fact, money isn’t the only reason to be a DJ. Many people enjoy sharing music. Others want to start their own business.

If entertaining with music appeals to you, turn your playlists into a side hustle or full-time gig.

Keep reading to learn how to become a DJ and land a professional gig.

Determine Your Type of DJ

Do you know what kind of DJ you want to be? Let’s look at some of your options.

Radio DJ

A radio DJ curates music for listeners and talks between songs.

Job duties vary. A DJ may only play music and interview artists. Or, the DJ may give weather reports and news updates.

The type of music a DJ plays depends on the station and programming. Many corporate radio stations determine the music DJs play. An alternative to working for a corporate radio station is to start a music podcast.

Mobile DJ

Mobile DJs are entrepreneurs. They market their services, book dates, and plan the event. They perform at weddings, business events, and dances.

A mobile DJ handles setup and teardown. During the event, the DJ manages the crowd, makes announcements, and takes requests.

Club DJ

Every club has a specific audience, reputation, and mood. The DJ matches the music to the club’s personality.


A club DJ’s job is to keep people moving. That means knowing how to energize the crowd so people dance and take breaks for a drink at the bar.

Turntablist Performer

A scratch DJ is also known as a turntablist performer 

A turntablist creates live remixes. He uses a turntable, headphones, a mixer, and special effects. A DJ with a good reputation draws crowds with their skills, tricks, and transitions.

Get the Right Equipment

If you’re going pro you must invest in quality equipment. The essential DJ equipment includes:

  • Laptop
  • Software
  • Speakers
  • Mixer
  • Turntables
  • Headphones
  • Vinyl Records

If you need help paying for equipment, contact Bonsai Finance. They offer no credit check personal loans.

Learn Basic Skills

There are basic music skills every DJ must master for success. These include:

  • Mixing: Creating a smooth transition from one song to the next without gaps or tempo changes
  • Phrasing: Mixing tracks at a point in the song that makes sense
  • Beatmatching: Getting two tracks to play at the same tempo
  • Gain Control: Volume changes using amps and speakers
  • Equalizing: Boost or cut frequencies for a smooth blend of many tracks

The only way to become a great DJ is to practice. Work on each skill until you’re comfortable.

Create a Mix

Once you understand the equipment, it’s time to make music. Record a 30-minute mix.

Upload your mix to share it with friends or the public. Ask for feedback and critiques.

Don’t get discouraged if your first attempt isn’t good. Listen to your feedback and focus on improving.

Go Learn How to Become a DJ

If you want to learn how to become a DJ get out there and make music.

Volunteer at a charity event. Offer to play for small parties or events hosted by family or friends. If you can’t get hired yet, stay involved. Help out at a night club or festival. Listen and learn while you work for a local DJ.

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Get ready to start your own business, build a following or DJ a festival!

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