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The Advantages of Giving Universal Gift Cards

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If you are planning to reward your loyal customers and employees, you might have trouble picking out the best gifts for them. One option is to give them a universal gift card with your company’s logo. This way, the recipients of your gift cards will always remember your company every time they use it. Here are the other advantages of a universal gift card. 

Control of spending power  

Universal gift cards are like debit cards. The spending power of the person having the card will depend on how much money is deposited into the account. Because of this, you can control the amount of money that the card owner will be able to spend. 

Your employees can use the gift card as their working budget, where they can use the cards in work-related expenses. This will lessen the burden of your employees to create expense reports and wait for reimbursements. As an employer, you will also have an easier time managing the expenses of your employees as you can get the details from the card statement.  

Usually, a universal gift card only lets you spend within the amount loaded on it. Therefore, it makes for an ideal present for teenagers so that they can practice how to budget their money wisely. 

Use anywhere

When you give a gift card that is associated with giant card networks like Visa, you allow your customers and employees to use the card in a multitude of stores. Universal gift cards can be used anywhere that accepts card payments. People can use the gift cards to load up on gas, buy groceries, pay for a restaurant meal, and many others. 

Constant advertising

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If you have your company name and logo customized on a gift card, recipients of that card will continuously be reminded of your company and branding. 

No need for background checks

Another advantage of giving a universal gift card is that anybody can receive them. Unlike credit cards, gift cards do not require a person to divulge his credit rating and other personal information about them. People who are denied in applying for a credit card can take advantage of a gift card. People who have low credit ratings can easily avail of a universal credit card just as long as they have the cash to load into the card. Also, people who do not have a checking account can make use of gift cards for all their card-based transactions without having to deal with a bank. 


Universal gift cards also give their owners a sense of safety and security since they do not need to carry a lot of cash with them. When your card gets stolen, you can easily ask for your universal gift card to be blocked and then replaced. There are a lot of security measures that you can also take to ensure that the money loaded in your card will not be withdrawn. 

When you give a gift card to your employees, you are controlling your budget since it is impossible for your employees to spend more than what is loaded on the card. It is also up to you if you wish to reload money in their cards. When an employee leaves, you will not have to worry about taking back the gift card. You can stop putting money into it.

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