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9 Movie Party Ideas to Plan a Lively Office Party

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Did you know that having a positive workplace culture is one of the most important factors in running a successful business? It’s true!

In fact, ensuring that your employees have enough positive social interaction with each other creates a slew of benefits including better communication, higher employee engagement, lower turnover, higher performance numbers, and more!

One of the best ways to help encourage this is to sponsor frequent social events for your employees. Not sure what to do? Start with these fun movie party ideas that everyone in your office is sure to love!

Why Host a Movie Party?

Movie parties are perfect for an office event because they’re pretty simple and easy to plan. Once you have the basics down, there aren’t a lot of logistics to deal with. This means everybody (including you!) can kick back and relax once the party begins.

However, if you want your employees to have a good time, you can’t just slap on a movie and call it a day. After all, they could do that at home!

Instead, use some creative ideas to turn your movie party into a night everyone will remember for years to come.

Awesome Movie Party Ideas for an Unforgettable Evening

It doesn’t take much effort to turn a regular movie night into a real extravaganza. Best of all, you can pull it all of without breaking the bank. Start with these simple (but fun!) ideas.

1. Turn Your Office Into an Indoor Theater

Don’t want to deal with the expense of renting a space to hold your party? If you have a large conference room, reception area, or other open space, you can turn your office into an indoor theater.

It’s fairly inexpensive to rent a movie screen and projector for the night. If you think you’ll want to keep having events like this, then it might be smarter to just buy the equipment.

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You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of comfortable seating. Either bring in some padded chairs or spread some bean bag chairs, cushions, pillows, and blankets around on the floor. You know your employees best, so try to choose the seating option that is most likely to make them feel comfortable.

2. Take Things Outdoors

A much more interesting option is to find a large outdoor area for your party. An outdoor movie rental setup is relatively inexpensive and, since it’s less common, this will make your party much more memorable.

If the weather will be cool, consider renting a few freestanding space heaters. You can also string up some outdoor lights. Both of these options will give the space a really fun ambiance.

If you plan your party during the summer, don’t forget to have some bug spray available! You can also provide picnic blankets for your guests, rent some chairs, or ask everyone to bring their own chairs.

3. Get Everyone Involved Ahead of Time

One of the best ways to ensure that everybody will come to the party and that they’ll have a good time is to get them involved ahead of time. For example, narrow the movie choices down to three and let the staff vote on which one they want to see.

4. Turn It Into a Costume Party

Want to get everyone excited and take things to the next level? Turn your movie night into a costume party by asking everyone to dress up as their favorite character from the movie. The results are sure to be hilarious, and your party will suddenly be very Instagram-worthy.

5. Add an Open Bar

This almost goes without saying, but in most cases, adding a little bit of alcohol is a great way to spice up the party. Consider providing an open bar with beer and wine so everyone can loosen up a bit before the movie starts.

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6. Get Creative With the Menu

Depending on the time of day, you might need to feed your employees before the movie starts or just provide some snacks. Either way, make it fun by choosing menu items that are some way related to the movie or giving them fun names to create a movie tie-in. A simple Google search is usually enough to get your creative juices flowing.

7. Have a Popcorn Contest

You might be surprised, but there are actually a ton of different crazy popcorn recipes. Get everyone engaged is by inviting employees to bring their own popcorn creations and then have everyone vote on their favorites.

Choose categories (best sweet treat, favorite savory dish, most original, etc.) and make sure you have some great prizes.

8. Add Some Fun Games

You can also keep things fun by hosting a movie-themed trivia game before the movie starts. Or, you can ask people to count the number of times they hear a certain word or see a certain thing during the movie.

Another option is to create a list of obscure questions about the movie (like how many cushions were on the couch during a specific scene) and see who can get the most right after the movie is done.

9. Give Out Fun Prizes

Of course, if you’re going to play games, you’ll want to have some great prizes. Again, you don’t have to spend a fortune. If the budget is tight, choose some fun movie-themed items or give out bottles of wine or liquor or small gift cards.

In this case, it’s the thought that counts and your employees will love having bragging rights. Even better, they’ll start looking forward to defending their title during your next anxiously-anticipated movie party!

Find Even More Ways to Improve Your Office Culture

These awesome movie party ideas are sure to please all of your staff. While this is a great first step towards creating a positive work environment, there are many other things that business owners also need to know about.

Be sure to keep browsing our articles for even more great business advice.

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