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8 Tips to Make Hilarious Videos That Win You Customers

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8 Tips to Make Hilarious Videos That Win You Customers

If you’re selling a product or service online or through social media, creating original videos can help make your business seem more engaging.

When it comes to crafting hilarious videos, you can use humor to convert potential customers into actual ones who make a sale.

Here are eight awesome tips to help you make super-funny videos that will win you more than just some views, but actual customers, too.

1. Keep It Simple

You don’t want to overdo it when you’re trying to make a funny video. Instead, keep your message simple and to the point with a fast punchline or lots of humor injected throughout.

If you already have a script written, take a closer look at it and decide where you can whittle it down a bit. Too much talking or a long video will distract viewers and may cause them to click away.

2. Use the Rule of Three

Comedy comes in threes, and the rule of three is a classic way to get people to laugh. What you need to do is come up with two similar things, then hit your audience with something unexpected on the third one.

For example, start your video with two facts about your company, and then make the third something ironic or funny. This will evoke instant laughs and most people will think it’s extremely clever. When you create a sense of cleverness around your products, it draws people in and makes them interested in learning more.

3. Explain How You Can Help in a Humorous Way

When you’re making hilarious videos, the goal is still to convince people to buy your product. You can do this by addressing your demographic’s pain points and put a hilarious spin on it.

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Once you acknowledge that certain things in life are not so fabulous, use that to make something humorous about the subject at hand. Then, take the humor and use it to convince people why and how your product or service can help fix it. Blending the unique needs of the customer with a splash of humor is a wise marketing tactic that really works.

4. Use the Element of Surprise

When someone watches your video, you don’t want to just give them the usual sales pitch. Make your hilarious video more effective by adding a few elements of surprise.

Whether your surprise is a funny punchline, a slapstick move, or a satirical commentary, the goal is to use comedy in a surprising way. As people watch your video, you don’t just want them to laugh. You also want them to be engaged and inspired, and adding surprises to the video can do just that.

5. Stay Away From the Norm

Funny costumes and a few jokes won’t really grab the attention of today’s modern buyer. You need to think outside the box when it comes to making a video that’s not just funny, but also unique.

Come up with a few creative ways you can edit the video and integrate things like music, graphics, and other elements that draw viewers in. Traditional comedy can work for some cases, but online content requires something that’s a bit more nuanced. Get together with your staff and see how many unusual things you can come up with to make the video more interesting and hilarious.

6. Use Quality Production for Your Hilarious Videos

You can always hold up a digital video camera or smartphone to film your funny video. But remember, the videos you make are a direct reflection of what you’re selling, so you want them to be high in quality.

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Consider hiring a professional video production company that can make your presentation look polished and expertly crafted. The pros know how to make your videos look great, and they can edit in things with perfect timing. Many video production companies can also integrate things like an animation segment to give the video a little more “oomph.”

7. Bring Your Personality to the Video

Customers who are watching your videos want to get to know you as a company. When you make the video, be sure to infuse some of the things that make your business unique.

Using comedic videos is a great way to introduce yourself, so use this as a chance to make your business known. You can do this by adding in a few personal moments or by using the real names of your employees. The goal is to let your company shine by blending comedy with your own unique voice that speaks to buyers in a new, relatable way.

8. Don’t be Vulgar

There is a place and time to use “adult humor,” but promoting your business isn’t it. Unless your demographic is solely for adults and caters to an all-adult audience, steer clear of dirty jokes.

Your humor can still be edgy without being over the top. Feel free to push the boundaries, but stay away from curse words and sexual innuendos whenever you can.

Make Sales with Humor

Once you know how to make hilarious videos, you can incorporate them into your website and social media accounts. Humor brings people together and makes your business more approachable, resulting in better sales.

Come up with a few fun one-liners and try to use the rule of three when you can. The element of surprise along with originality will make your video stand out in a world filled with content.

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