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8 best tips on how to organize an outdoor party

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Throwing a party at your home is not always the best idea. But what if you’re a party animal, and you’d love to dance, sing and drink till the morning, and at the same time avoid all the mess?

The solution is very simple. Organize an outdoor party! You won’t have to clean your place, and you won’t risk someone spilling wine on your carpet, laptop, or important documents. A list of things to do after the party will be shorter than ever before. On top of that, you may get to exploit a good weather condition. Here’s a list of things that you should do before throwing an outdoors party that you and your friends will never forget!

Create a list

First of all, prepare a list of people that you’re going to invite. Ask them to let you know in advance if they will be able to come or not. Once you know how many people to expect, you’re good to start preparations. 


Your guests have to sit somewhere. The variety of options is huge – you can use chairs from your home, but folding and lawn chairs will do as well. When it’s warm and dry enough, you can fix sitting cushions, as well. Make sure to check out companies that are providing outdoor furniture, for example, Wicker Furniture Direct. With backyard furniture, it’ll be much easier to organize the party.


Once you take care of the backyard’s furniture, it’s time to think about food. It’s the most daunting part of organizing a party for most hosts, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Having a potluck is the best way to go. It saves you money, and you won’t have to serve anyone. Your guests will eat what they like the most. Just don’t forget to inform them about it when you send the invitation. 

If you’re too lazy to prepare food, you can also use a catering service. If you’re on a budget, this is not a way to go. However, if you don’t mind spending a little more, it’ll allow you to save some time and nerves.


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That’s what most of your guests are looking for. A good host offers a wide variety of drinks and beverages, but don’t go crazy. First of all, provide a lot of nonalcoholic options. People who weren’t going to drink alcohol will be happy about it. Water, fizzy drinks, tea, coffee, various juices, and hot chocolate should satisfy everyone’s needs. 

When it comes to alcohol, you have plenty of options. But let’s be honest, you don’t want this party to go crazy. And you should announce it before the event. You have enough problems, and you don’t want your angry neighbors to send the police at 1 AM after you. That’s why you have to make sure that your friends don’t get wasted. To do so, serve alcohol only by yourself. It’ll let you save some money and trouble. 

Don’t let your guests serve drinks to themselves. Instead, you should do this. You can serve alcoholic beverages every 30 minutes or so. It’ll surely prevent your guests from getting intoxicated speedily. If you’re mainly going to drink wine, then serve it in a glass with a narrow base. Due to its shape, it contains less wine than it appears to. If beer is what you are planning to drink, then make sure you provide your guests with narrow, half-pint glasses that are thick based, for the same reason. Remind your friends to eat often, and offer them a lot of snacks when they drink, to weaken the effect of the alcohol. 

Dirty dishes

It’s recommended for you to use paper and plastic products. Disposable plates and cutlery are inexpensive, and when your guests are done eating, they can throw them to the garbage. You won’t have to wash the dishes, and therefore, save a lot of time and effort after the party.

However, if you prefer to stick to the glass dishes, make sure that you have some table or anything where you can safely store them all. 

Music choice

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There is no party without music. Make your playlist based on the guests. You can be the biggest rock fan, but if your guests don’t enjoy this type of music, they won’t have that much fun. You can also assign someone to be a DJ. He would play music by guests’ requests. However, when your friends are having fun, they might not realize how noisy they are. If you notice that the music is too loud, you should take the reins and turn the volume down a little bit.


People are different, and they enjoy doing various activities. Some might enjoy conversations, while others prefer to play a game of Jenga or Twister. The campfire party would be a nice idea as well. If you don’t know what activities you should provide, then talk to your guests and try to determine what they like to do. It’ll make things a lot easier.

Bugs issue

When the weather is nice, bugs activity increases, so if you know that it’ll be an issue, prepare for these unwanted guests. Get fans that will drive out all the bugs. On top of that, buy a bug spray, and have it in easy to access location, so that when your guests are continuously bothered by annoying insects, they can use it. It’ll surely bring them relief.

Once you take care of all these issues, there is one last thing to do. Have fun, enjoy the company of your friends, and if the party works out well, make sure to repeat it more often!

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