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Top best thriller movies for all time – Watch Today!

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top best thriller movies

Thriller films have a great demand now a days. These movies are searching for a couple of time in search engine.     The popularity of thriller films is increasing day by day, as these films have the appeal of beautiful ending . Also leaves a great twist towards the end of the film.  As a result, films in this category are very entertaining. In this post I will talk about 5 top best thriller movies that can give you a better pleasure .  Are you excited to know? Then, let’s get started.

5 exclusive top best thriller movies in 2020

Therefore Few genres can keep us glued to the screen like suspense or thriller. At Vandal Random, we have prepared a varied and very complete list, visiting classics, modern films, and recent releases, all made in a top that will allow you to see first-hand a film genre full of masterpieces, jewels, and ribbons to claim. Just relax on the bed or your sofa and turn on the television, the projector or your computer and enjoy it. Here are the list of the best thriller movies hollywood:

1)Top best thriller movies  :  Lost Highway (1997)

Therefore Lost Highway is one of the top works of David Lynch, a filmmaker capable of transferring like no other the feeling of confusion and claustrophobia in a story that will leave us completely lost and amazed. Poetic and dark, the film tells the story of Fred Madison ( Bill Pullman ), a jazz musician. Therefore , She lives peacefully with his wife (played by Patricia Arquette ) until he begins receiving mysterious videotapes in which a recording appears yours with another woman in your home. Therefore the supernatural and every day, For example :Lost Highway is a masterpiece of suspense.

2) Psychosis (1960)

 If there is a master of suspense or intrigue, that is Alfred Hitchcock. The filmmaker picked up Robert Bloch’s novel and improved it on all four sides. Surrounding himself with actors like Anthony Perkins, Jenet Leigh, and John Gavin, the director, tells the story of Marion Crane, a secretary. He commits a theft in her own company, taking several thousand dollars with her. Therefore On the run, she decides to rest in a roadside motel run by a shy and quiet young man, Norman Bates. Therefore A classic that, at least, must be seen once in life. Perfection made into genre film.

3) The six sense (1999)

The Sixth Sense shouldn’t be missing from any genre list that pivots around intrigue or suspense. The one considered by many a masterpiece of M. Night Shyamalan is nothing supernatural to tell us the story of Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist. He lives obsessed by a tragic event in the past.

4) Murder on the Orient Express (1974)

Forget the last and failed adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel. Sidney Lumet’s filmic gem tells the story of a murder carried out during a busy trip on the Orient Express, something that will lead the famous Belgian detective Hercules Poirot (who in this version played by Albert Finney ) to try to get the truth out among the Travellers.

5) Thesis (1996)

What a debut. As a result The director’s first film, which featured an original script and the participation of actors and actresses such as Ana Torrent or File Martínez, as well as a stellar Eduardo Noriega, travels into the interior of human nature with a Hitchcock-like narration, offering us tension and rugged moments of great visual delicacy.

Final word on top best thriller movies

I hope you will enjoy every seconds of these movies. Therefore why are you waiting to see these movies? Stay watching and stay movies during the coronavirus pandemic. You will see the best thriller movies on netflix  as well.

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