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7 Writing Aids that Will Make Your Life Easier (Even with a Writer’s Block)

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Even the most excellent and passionate of writers need a hand sometimes.

Writing can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you have a number of articles to do within some very limited time. It can even be harder when writer’s block starts crawling in or distractions just won’t stop coming in your way. Good thing there are some writing aids online that will make your writing time lighter and less frantic beyond all those crazy deadlines plus necessary attention to details.

Below are just some of the websites that can definitely be your writing partner when the going gets tough (or even when it doesn’t).

1. Grammar Book

The Grammar Book claims to be the #1 Grammar and Punctuation Resources Website there is. Well, indeed the website looks really helpful, especially for aspiring writers who would want to brush up on some grammar lessons before anything else. It has the whole linguistic and punctuation rules, some quizzes and exercises to practically help you practice on your grammar, and a physical book (simply because nothing beats reading a real book after all). This website can help you get over writer’s block so easily.

2. Grammar Monster

Similar to Grammar Book, Grammar Monster also provides basic grammar refreshers, plus online tests and even a list of “Common Grammar Errors”. The best thing about these lessons and tests online – they are absolutely free! So for a quick touch up before formally writing your articles, you can visit Grammar Monster.

3. Thesaurus

The most essential superpower of a writer are words. One does not simply store up basic vocabulary words and use them all over and over again within one write-up. So since it would definitely be impossible to know or even memorize all the words we have (at least in the English-speaking world), then having a Thesaurus (online or physical copy) is indeed important to find synonyms and have more words to use.

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4. Plagramme

Although you write your own articles from scratch, it is still better to check your finished work through an online plagiarism checker such as Plagramme – check it through https://www.plagramme.com. You can see if you have sentences that resemble another posted work. This is can be highly advised for writers with clients that are very particular with duplicate contents or competitors that may have used the same set of words for their own products or services.

5. Aztekera Passive Voice Checker

Whether you need an active or a passive voice for your write-up, Aztekera Passive Voice Checker can assist you efficiently.

6. Writers Helping Writers

Tools, webinars, bookstores and resources for writers? This is where you need to go. Writers Helping Writers is your one-stop-shop bookshelf for writers, of course, from your comrade writers.

7. Write to Done

This is simply a writing blog site to kill writer’s block and motivate you. All the possible writing resources that you may need, you can read them all here.

If you need a hand to write better, all the above-mentioned websites can definitely aid your needs. Now all you have to do it simply write.

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