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Why Study in Australia – 7 Reasons You Should Know

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Why to Study In Australia In 2018

When you decide to do a study in Australia experience in another country, there are many aspects to consider. There are so many good schools and universities and so many wonderful places to live in, that making a choice is not easy! Well, we want to help you: here are the 7 reasons why Australia is the best place in the world to study!

benefits of studying in Australia

1. An Educational System of Excellence

Australia is considered one of the best educational systems in the world. The educational sector, in fact, is one of the 5 sectors that grow most in the country. And credit goes to the forward-looking government that allocates about 200 million dollars each year for scholarships to international students! Not bad, right?

Moreover, the high quality of the training is guaranteed whatever the chosen path: from the simple English course to the professional course up to the university career, Australia makes available to its students over 22,000 courses and 1,200 institutions to choose from to identify the ideal solution for your needs and aspirations!

2. This Is Why International Students Love This Country!

No wonder, in fact, that since 2012 has grown without stopping to reach almost 800,000 in 2017: a number never achieved before!

Furthermore, according to the University Ranking of Quacquarelli Symonds, among the 50 best universities in the world, 5 are Australian. (1)The Australian National University, (2) The University of Melbourne, (3) The University of New South Wales, (4) the University of Queensland, and (5) The University of Sydney. Even here international students are welcome!

And if this is not enough, according to the Student City Ranking of QS, among the 5 best cities for students also figure Melbourne that, apparently, loves to climb the rankings, whatever they are!

To be able to go to the land of kangaroos and stay for a certain period of time you must have a visa for Australia. Compared to other countries, it is relatively easy to get a study visa in Australia. Obviously, there are some requirements that you have to prove to possess and depending on the type of course chosen there are specific documents to be presented.

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3. Improve Your English In An English-Speaking Country

Whatever course you decide to attend in Australia you will have the chance to improve your language skills a lot. Australia is an English-speaking country and so you will have to get used to communicating in English not just at school but wherever you are: at the supermarket, around the city, with your roommates. And then you will have to read and listen in English: movies, TV series, newspapers, magazines. In short, you will be completely immersed in the language, making the experience in every single situation of your life and believe us: this is the best way to learn it spontaneously.

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Of course, in the beginning, it will not be easy, but you know what? It’s like this for everyone! So, do not worry if the first few days seem like you have landed on another planet and do not be afraid to ask for explanations. Australians are used to conversing with non-native speakers and you do not mind repeating the words you did not understand! Moreover, they know that their slang can be really difficult to understand at first listening but you will see that after a few months you have made an ear and you will begin to distinguish the accent, the idioms, the inflexions and you will also understand the abbreviations that Australians love so much to use.

4. You Can Work While You Study

Finding work in Australia is not mainly complicated and for those who choose to attend a course of study opportunities. Almost everyone in Australia works while studying and the Student visa allows you to work up to 20 hours per week (part-time) during the studies and full time in the breaks.

You can look for a job related to your field of study or if you simply want to earn you can apply for “casual jobs” as a waiter, barman, salesman or promoter. There are several job search platforms that you can refer to as SEEK, one of the most popular in Australia. In short, the opportunities are limitless but do not forget to request the Tax File Number when you arrive in Australia. Without that, it is not possible to work legally in Australia!

5. Your Opportunities To Find A Job Increase

Conducting a training course in Australia will help your job search whether you decide to have a Down Under work experience or that you decide to return to your homeland. Not to mention the fact that those attending a professional course often already practice at companies or connected companies. If you decide to attend university in Australia, once you have finished your studies you can apply for a “Temporary Graduate Visa”, which allows you to work in the land of kangaroos for 12 months after your degree.

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In any case, work experience abroad as well as a good knowledge of English is extremely positive factors for any potential employer, therefore an experience of study in Australia contributes to enrich the curriculum and make it more interesting than that of other candidates.

6. Breathtaking Nature

Of course, there are plenty of places in the world where you can study is an excellent opportunity, but why not do it in a place where you can also enjoy unique landscapes and breathtaking nature? Australia, thanks to its geographic conformation, is characterized by different climatic bands and therefore by a great variety of natural environments. You can snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, ski in the mountains in the south-east of the country, explore one of the luxuriant tropical forests or completely unplugged in the Australian desert.

There are over 36,000 kilometres of coastline and almost 11,000 beaches to stretch out in the sun! And if the sea life is not your thing, in Australia there is only the embarrassment of choice. Over 500 national parks, more than 2,700 protected reserves and 17 UNESCO heritage sites! Where do we start?

7. Discover A New Culture

We know what you are thinking: “I could meet interesting people and a new culture wherever I decided to go”. It may also be true, but we are certain of one thing: you will never regret having met the Australian culture, indeed the risk may be that you cannot do without it.

And now, some indication not to be amazed at your arrival! First of all, do not be surprised if anyone you meet on the street, even at the first meeting, will talk to you as you have always known. It’s normal. Just as it is normal to call oneself with the name of baptism, even when talking to one’s own boss or doctor. And when you do not know someone’s name it is simply called “mate”. Australians are so relaxed and open that they make friends with great ease. After all, they are used to dealing with people who are always new. Almost 30% of those living in Australia are immigrants and this greatly influences their culture and way of life. And of course, there are the native Australians: the aborigines with their unique and personal culture.

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