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WBU Meaning: WBU Full Form

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WBU Meaning

WBU is one of the most popular terms that are being used by the teen of today. In common terms, it is also widely known as what is nowadays called as Internet Slang. These slang words are not mainly slang languages or curses that can offend the reader or the listener. Instead, the internet slangs are more like short terms and abbreviations, which are designed to make a conversation between two persons easier and comfortable. At present, there are a lot of internet slangs that are being used in the online social media platforms. It can make the user look more adapted to the modern style of conversation and can help in making the conversation between two persons less awkward. WBU is another of the popular abbreviation, acronym, or slang word that is being used now.

At present, different types of internet slangs are being used by the young generation. Ten of the most popular slang words that are being used quite recently, or are quite trendy at present apart from WBU are-

  1. LMC
  2. BCE
  3. XX
  4. THICK
  5. TOFTT
  6. PEEPS
  7. VT
  8. RTO
  9. IMO

WBU – What exactly does it mean?

There are many web pages where you can find the meaning of WBU explained. However, the exact meaning if the abbreviation or the Slang Word, along with the full meaning of the word, is not described in detail in most of the web pages. Therefore, you will get a chance to know about and understand the meaning of the term WBU in further information, as it is adequately explained below.

The term WBU is being used by a lot of people worldwide on different social media platforms, and even on private chats. It has become a common term that is used in day to day conversations between two or more people. However, even with its daily usage, are you fully aware of the meaning of the phrase WBU? Have you ever asked about the meaning of WBU, the term you use almost daily? At present, there are approximately 9127 slang words or internet slangs present that are used in conversations. These include words, acronyms, abbreviations, and even phrases. Here, you will know about the meanings and full forms of various abbreviations that are used on the web, netspeak, and different types of web acronyms.

So actually, what does the term WBU mean? WBU is generally used to denote “What About You?” and is used in all types of conversations done in a non-formal manner. So, By “What About You?” definition of the term WBU, people generally use it to ask what the position of another person in a similar situation is? For example, you are unable to attend a meeting or class. So you ask another person WBU? That is, you are asking the person whether or not they will be able to participate in the same meeting or class. It is the knowledge of the position of another person regarding a similar situation.

So apparently, now you know what WBU means and what it stands for. You may have already known about it but not realized how exactly you were using it all along. Well, now you can surely understand!

So, to say it, in short, WBU full form is What About You, and it is an abbreviation, an acronym, or a slang word, depending upon what you like to call it. Go over the above definitions once again if you have any doubts about understanding the meaning.

As for abbreviations and acronyms, other similar terms are also used to denote a meaning similar to “What” and related interrogations.


This stands for “What?”


This also stands for “What” in a more questionable way.


This means “Whatever.”


This stands for “But What Do I know?”


This means, “But What the Hell.”


This stands for “Down for Whatever.”


This means “Don’t Tell Me What to Do.”

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This denotes “Do You See What I See?”


This stands for “Do What I Say Not What I Do.”


This means “Do You Hear What I Hear?”


This stands for “Do You Know What I Mean?”


This means for “What? Huh?”


This denotes “Whatever.”


This stands for “Epilogue, What Epilogue?” from Harry Potter.


This means, “For What It’s Worth.”


This denotes, “Hey, What’s Up?”


This stands for “I See What You Did There.”


This means “Don’t Know What to Do.”


This denotes “I Don’t Know What You Mean.”


This stands for “If I Tell You What It Means I Will Have to Kill You.”


This means, “If I Tell You What This Means Will You Buy Me a Drink?”


This denotes “If I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss Me?”


This stands for “It Is What It Is.”


This means “I Know What You Mean.”


This denotes “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”


This stands for “I Know What You Mean.”


This means “I See What You Did There.”


This denotes, “I See What You Mean.”


This stands for “Is That What You Mean?”


This means, “It’s What I Do.”


This denotes “If You Know What I Mean.”


This stands for “If You See What I Mean.”


This means “Que lo que?” which is the Spanish for What’s Up?


This denotes “Know What I Mean?”


This stands for “Know What I’m Saying?”


This means “What?”


This denotes “Look What I Can Do.”


This stands for “Meaningless word for when you don’t know what else to say”


This means “Make of That What You Will.”


This denotes, “You know what I mean.”


This stands for “Do you know what I mean?”


This denotes “Know What I Mean?”


This means “No Matter What.”


This stands for “No Matter What Happens.”

As stated before, WBU stands for “What About You?” and is usually used in text messages and personal online conversations. Many people believe that HBU or “How About You?” was the original term that was initially used, and it changed to WBU because of its familiarity and easy to use factor among the users.

The usage of WBU has been already provided above. However, a detailed usage of WBU is provided below for the users who want to know specifically about the details of its usage.

In regular informal conversations, the usage of WBU and HBU is quite like the usage of phrases. On the internet, or in messages, this is the short way for asking, “How about you, do you know what to do?” or “What about you, are you attending the first class today?”

When you are having a conversation with a person about whom you want to know more, the usage of WBU is one of the best ways to do so. In regular communications, people generally share a part of themselves, like hobbies, choices, or personalities, and ask the other person about what is his or her stand in the same choice or option.

It has often been seen that people use it to ask for input and ideas about a situation that they are unaware of, or do not have a clue regarding what should be done. If you want to keep the conversation going with someone, this is also one of the smartest ways in which you can do so with ease.

Examples of WBU in real-life usage

1st example

Person 1: “I am feeling hungry, thinking about getting some Chinese food. WBU?”

Person 2: That’s great! Why not visit the new restaurant that opened in the neighborhood?

Here, one person asks the other about his or her choice regarding taking Chinese food.

2nd example

Person 1: Are you sure that you want to go to the office party tomorrow?

Person 2: Yes, it seems like fun. WBU? Aren’t you going?

Here, the second person uses WBU to ask whether the first person is going to the office party or not.

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3rd example

Person 1: Hey, let’s not meet tonight. I am a little busy. Tell me another date when you are free.

Person 2: It’s okay. As long as we both catch up, I don’t mind. I will be free the next Friday. WBU?

Here, the second person uses WBU to clarify if Friday is a good enough day for both of them to meet up.

Examples of HBU in real-life usage

1st example

Person 1: I feel so hungry, OMG!

Person 2: I was thinking of going and having a plate of noodles. HBU?

Person 1: Yum! Sounds good, let’s go!

Here, the second person is asking whether or not the first person would like to eat noodles to cope up with his or her hunger.

2nd example

Person 1: My hobbies are swimming, hiking, and skateboarding. HBU?

Person 2: OMG I spent a lot of time swimming too! Otherwise, I like to go fishing.

Here, the first person is sharing his or her hobbies and asking about the hobbies of the second person.

Just like any other online expression, the phrases HBU and WBU are quite famous and used in the culture of online conversation. WBU meaning text is often used to know more about the person you are speaking with. The same goes for HBU. These types of communications are generally lighthearted and are more playful than serious.

With the usage of these abbreviations, there is no hard and fast rule about their allotment. A user can use the phrases in all caps, in all lowercase, or in mixed. Generally, the purpose of using such phrases in a conversation is to make the conversation more playful. As long as the emotions of a person are portrayed successfully to another, it does not matter whether the letters are in all uppercase, in all lowercase or a mixed format. As a general common trend, though, most of the time, users use these phrases in combined terms, where the first letter is written in the capital for over 90 percent of usage.

When a person wants to show that they are highly excited, then these phrases are generally typed in all capital letters, or the in-between letters are extended. For example, to show that you are hugely surprised, you can use “Whaaaat?” where the number of extended letters generally measures your excitement.

Other Web Expressions that are used commonly

If you are indulged in active usage of the social media platforms, then you are more than likely to see new terms and abbreviations being used every day. In such cases, you will find yourself unaware of the meaning of many terms. This is a difficulty faced by the older generations often when they try to use social media platforms. Even for the younger generation, it is not always possible to know about each term. You can see some phrases whose meaning is entirely unknown to you. As a result, specific sentences can become unclear to you all of a sudden.

Such examples include TLDR. Recently in Reddit, this term is often seen, and it is commonly used before starting a separate paragraph with a smaller length. This helps you to see through the main contents at a glance where you do not need to spend too much attention or time. Other examples include RTFM, which is used for the people who ask stupid questions with answers already known or published. Another example is EPEEN, which is used for mocking purposes of a highly egotistical person.

All of these terms are unique in their way, and knowing many of the terms can help you understand the online conversations in an even better way.

However, it is to be noted that such conversations are not to be used in formal discussions or conversations. You cannot expect to talk like this with your boss or in an interview. These terms are for fun and easy usage among friends and familiar acquaintances only. That does not mean that you can use such terms whenever and with whoever you feel like it.

Common Internet Abbreviations:

LOL Laughing Out Loud
ROFL Rolling on the Floor Laughing
SMH Shake My Head
TBT Throwback Thursday
Facebook Comments

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