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5 Unusual Things to Do Instead of College

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things to do instead of college

Do I have to go to college? I don’t know what to study! What can you do after high school without a college degree?

Do those phrases resonate with you? You’re not alone! College isn’t for everyone.

With the average tuition costing $30,500 per year, it may be too expensive. Four more years of schooling might also be overwhelming after you’ve just finished twelve.

Luckily for you, there are are plenty of things to do instead of college. Keep reading to find some ideas of what to do once you have your high school diploma.

1. Travel the World

If you play your cards right in high school, you can travel the world after you graduate. Save up money from your after-school job and unlock the wanderlust inside yourself.

Traveling lets you immerse yourself in many different cultures all around the world. You’ll meet new and exciting people and try things you wouldn’t have the chance to at home.

2. Consider Schooling Outside of College

There are plenty of affordable schooling options besides college.

Check out local trade schools to learn specific skills you’ll need in your career path. You’ll graduate faster than college students and have more transferable skills than them, too. Check out https://www.intercoast.edu/blog/trade-school/ for more information on trade schools.

If you’re a self-starter, online schooling could be a great choice. You’ll need to be able to motivate yourself to succeed, though. No face-to-face class time can be tough to adjust to.

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If you have a passion in a field, you could look for apprenticeships, too. Graphic design, tourism, and plumbing are all great sectors to look for apprenticeships.

3. Start a Business

Around 16 million Americans are self-employed. If you’ve always wondered what working for yourself could look like, now’s the time.

You don’t need a brick and mortar store to be successful anymore. Anyone with a computer and internet access can start their own business.

4. Use Your Talents

Are you a whiz with a DSLR camera? Do you love writing and performing music? Are you the clown of your friend group?

These skills are all marketable talents that you can use to gain income and enrich your life. You don’t need post-secondary education to be successful if you’re naturally gifted.

Create a portfolio of your images and start photographing humans for money. Line up a few gigs at local cafes to perform your songs. Reach out to comedy clubs to hook you up with a ten-minute set.

5. Learn Something New

You don’t have to take formal education to learn new things.

If your high school didn’t offer interesting classes, you can probably find some online. While you can’t always put these classes on your resume, they can help you find your passion.

Choose Your Favorite Things to Do Instead of College

Many parents and educators pressure youth into post-secondary education immediately after high school. While college is valuable for some people, it’s not for everyone. There are many things to do instead of college, so you shouldn’t feel obligated to go.

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Keep checking our blog for more ideas for life pursuits other than a college education.

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