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Top Things You Should Know About Styrene

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Styrene is a highly sought after material that is quickly finding its way into the construction industry. With polystyrene, you have a solution to a myriad of applications. Polystyrene can be used to make sheets—thanks to its myriad properties. So, if you are looking to invest in polystyrene, here are top things to know.

Polystyrene is 98 Percent Air

Air is light. And lightness is a property many manufacturers are constantly looking—especially when manufacturing construction structures. And that’s what polystyrene offers. Its 98 percent air. This means that it’s extremely light and is one of the lightest packaging materials. Even more, it can be used in a myriad of applications—including impact protection, weight-saving, as well as temp control. Some of the best properties of polystyrene include durability, versatility, high insulation capabilities, and shock absorption.

100% Recyclable!

Global warming is a major concern in the modern world. Manufacturers are constantly looking for solutions that can promoter the green revolution. And one of the solutions is using recyclable products. And that’s where polystyrene comes in. Being 100 percent recyclable makes it a perfect material for any industrial application. Common ways polystyrene can be recycled include grinding, compacting and remolding.

New products from recycled Polystyrene include hardwood replacement (especially when it comes to garden furniture) and roof tile slate replacement.

The Bottom-Line

Polystyrene comes with a myriad of properties—making it an ideal industrial material. Even more, polystyrene is recyclable—a reason why it’s preferred by a number of environmental proponents. The above are key things you should know regarding Polystyrene.

Versatility and Lightweight

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Polystyrene, a popular plastic used in different industrial applications. It’s light. This makes it ideal in a variety of industrial applications. From heating, ventilation, construction, automotive, to automotive applications—polystyrene is extremely versatile. For instance, it can be used to manufacture automotive parts where weight is an issue. It’s also important to note that light automotive components reduce fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions. This protects the environment.

Also, polystyrene can be made to reflect different colors, support duel density molding, and achieve different surface finishes. Regal Plastics Manufacturing manufactures high-quality polystyrene products. Get yours today!

Good Insulator

When shopping around for authentic, durable, as well as efficient insulation material, polystyrene tops the shopping list. In fact, it beats popular insulation materials like wood, wool, and even cardboard. Its powerful insulation properties are due to the fact that it contains about 90 percent of air. With polystyrene, you have a cost-effective insulation solution. Even more, it has a closed-cell—making it effective in countering the heat transfer.

This insulation property makes polystyrene effective in making industrial components such as fish boxes, cavity wall insulation, HVAC, and insulated concrete forms. It can also be used to make beam forms and temp controlled packaging.

The Bottom-Line

Polystyrene is an important material when it comes to various industrial applications. It comes with numerous properties—making it ideal for various industrial applications. The above are top properties that are making polystyrene a top industrial material.


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