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Some Tips for Giving Perfect Interview

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Job Market throughout the world today is very competitive. Prospective employers would definitely want to pick the most qualified, even sometimes overqualified candidates for their work. There are several things that will help you to perform well in the interview and get selected for the job. With some little preparation, proper career guidance, discussing with the career counselor, online career test and some simple follow up, you can hugely increase the chances of impressing the employers and landing a job.

Discuss with a Proper Career Counselor:

If you are a single bit confused about your career and job, it is always suggested t consult with a career counselor to take the guidance and help from them. Taking proper aptitude test, career test and other personality tests, career counselor would be able to let you know about the most suitable career for you. In fact, today there are so many online career test options where you have to give answers for certain question set through which you could be able to know about your career interests and can able to build a better future and achieve your goal.

Do Good Research:

Before you go for the interview, it is better to research the company in which you are going for the interview. What kinds of services and products do they offer? What segment of the market do they want to target? Get proper knowledge about the company so that you can be able to give all answers about them in the interview because the more you know about the company, the better way you can give them the answers that they are looking for. For an example, if their query is like, “Why they would hire you in their company for this position?” you would modify your answer in that way so that it could fit into what they are actually looking for.

Some companies give value to the team player rather than a single employee who takes the initiative. So, if you know such a piece of information about the company, your answer must be in that tricky way differently. There are so many common questions which have been asked in the interviews and it is a good idea to have your answers ready for all such queries. Being prepared for such questions and answers will make you confident enough when you present your answer rather than being hesitating and stammering to come with a suitable response.

Dress Appropriately:

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You have to make sure that what you are wearing for your interview is appropriate for the type of position in which you are interviewing. Suppose you are going for an interview for a construction worker. So, in that case, you don’t need to wear a suit and tie. A nice pair of pants and button down shirt is the perfect one for this. Now, if you are going for the Managerial post interview, then the suit is much appropriate. If you have any doubt about your dress up, it is always suggested to dress conservatively. You may be over-dressed in some cases, but it is better than being under-dressed.

Turn-Up on Time:

Make sure that you reach on time for the interview and be confident when meeting a potential employer. Shake your hand firmly, site straight and look them in the eye. Be positive and smile. They want to know if you combine well with their present workflow. Someone who is positive and confident would definitely blend well than the person who never smiles or spreading any negative attitude.

Perform Well and Speak Clear:

During the interview, always speak clearly and decisively. If you have prepared yourself through online career test, then you must know what type of questions an interviewer can ask you. So, provide the answer to each question calmly and best of your ability. Also, you have to make a list of a few questions which you are going to ask the interviewer. The question must be simple and to the point. It should show that you care about being a good employee and employer can know about your value as an employee on their company.

Close the Interview with Confidence:

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After completing the interview, you can tell your interviewer that you like the job. If there is a scope, you can say something like, “I am very interested in this position. I hope that you will consider me as a candidate in your company.” You can say thank you to the interviewer and express your gratitude for their time and consideration. This will remind them about your personality and who you are and they will also keep you in mind to hire you.

Interview is a very important part of getting a job but before that you must prepare yourself for the interview. Whatever the industry you select for the job, if you need any guidance and help, iDreamCareer is there to help you and show you the right path of selecting your career and guide you to prepare for the interview to fulfill your dream.

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