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The Legality of Using Your Fake Diploma

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You’re here reading this article because you want to buy a fake diploma and use it. Ok, but now you’re wondering if there are any legal consequences that might come back to bite you in the butt.

The fact is that companies can make and sell fake diplomas legally without any repercussions. However, once the fake diploma is in your hands, how you use it determines whether you will get in trouble with the law or not.

Today we’re going to cover the legality of using it. After which you will have to decide how you want to use it.

How Can I Legally Use a Fake Diploma?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fake high school diploma or a fake college diploma, it is completely legal to make, sell, and buy. So once you have one in your hands, how can you use it?

There are many legal scenarios in which you can use it without getting in trouble. Let’s say your original diploma was lost or damaged and you want a quick replacement to hang in your office or at home.

Maybe you have friends or family coming to visit and you want them to see your past accomplishments. Or maybe you’re trying to impress a colleague or someone you’re dating by showing them a degree of some sort.

Whether you’re using it as a legitimate replacement for an actual diploma you earned or just using it as a prop, there are no legal repercussions for owning and using a fake diploma for personal use. If you understand the cost of a fake diploma you can get one quickly and easily.

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Why Get a Fake When You Can Get a Replacement?

Why wouldn’t you just call the school you attended to replace your old diploma? Well, the truth is that most schools require a lot of work to get an original replacement copy made.

First, you’ll need to have a written request letter with photocopies of your driver’s license, passport, social security number, date of graduation, degrees earned, and a notarized letter saying you lost your original copy. After you send in all the proper paperwork you’ll also need to pay a fee to have it made and shipped to you. After all this, you might have to wait up to 10 weeks to receive it.

When Is It Illegal to Use a Fake Diploma?

There are scenarios in which using the certificate can land you in legal trouble. Whenever a title, such as Dr., Ph.D., Lawyer, Engineer, etc., requires a degree from an accredited educational institution and the passing of a licensing test, then you can get in legal trouble for falsely trying to claim such a title.

Furthermore, trying to land a job or get into a school with this can also get you into trouble depending on which state you’re in. Also, using a fake diploma to get a job won’t work if the employer does a thorough background check. And getting into a college with a fake diploma is almost impossible.

How to Get a Fake Diploma

There are many reasons why getting a fake diploma makes sense and getting one is easy. All you need to do is visit one of the many sites online that offer this service.

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