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Texas Parent Taught Driver’s Ed: It’s about Your Child’s Safety!

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Nowadays, PTDE or Parent Taught Drivers Ed in Texas has become so popular. Learning how to drive by PTDE is completely a different training form driving course in schools or commercial driving institution. Public Safety Department of Texas operates both parent and instructor taught driver’s ed program. Learning to drive with the target of getting their license is surely an exciting time. But from whom you should get the training? The choice is yours. Well, today you are going to get a lot of information about PTDE.

Everyone should have the driving skill. It’s also important for the kiddo to learn it as soon as possible. As far as the child’s safety is a concern, parents should teach them lifesaving skills, such as swimming, driving, etc. In Texas, there are two programs to learn driving as mentioned above. The parent taught one is more convenient and some peoples like to prefer.

Why Parent Taught Drivers Ed?

We are more comfortable with the parent than an outsider. If by any chance parents become the driver instructor, it would make us feel very relax, won’t it? On the other hand, you can get more flexibility to compare with any professional trainer. They will give you a certain amount of time that may not fit your routine. But you have your parents at any time whether it’s on the evening or the weekends.

Another reason is the program is more budget-friendly as you do not need to pay for your training. All you need is to pay the insurance for that car you are practicing. And surely your parent has been paying the insurance on a regular basis.

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Considering Facts While Learning With Parents

People are different everywhere, and they get different sorts of experiences when they go through the situations. In this case, the same can happen. I am going to mention some of my personal experiences while I was learning how to drive.

  • In some cases, a parent may use to bad habits in driving over time. When you are getting the training from them, it’s possible that these habits may pass onto you.
  • Parents could be more flexible sometimes, and they may not know the exact hours to be spent to the steering wheel.
  • Traffic rules are updating almost every months. A parent may not know all of them for being busy at work. Therefore, they might teach you rules now they are changed a bit or an indirect violation of the law.
  • The examination to test driving skill is far different than your father had in his time. This could cause you some trouble while you are on the exam seat.


In short, considering all the facts, the parent taught drivers ed Texas would be a better alternative than typical driving institutions. In Texas, the number of parents registering for PTDE is increasing over time. That tells you the whole story. But it’s your choice end of the day. So make it fun and safety of the children come first no matter what training courses you choose.

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