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Temporary Buildings in Education: What You Need to Know

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Temporary Buildings in Education: What You Need to Know

Schools and other learning institutions know the best ways of providing quick and cheap building solutions. It is now common to see modular classrooms and other temporary structures in schools. According to experts, these structures have more benefits than what we have just mentioned.

For school management or any person who want to start school, there is a lot that they must know about these structures. We have prepared some helpful insights to help you learn more about modular classrooms and other temporary school structures.

What a Modular Classroom Looks Like

First of all, it is worth noting that modular classrooms are mostly used for temporary reasons. Most schools use them when there is an urgent need. The classrooms are fabricated and installed using temporary yet durable materials that are approved according to safety standards. Thus, they remain conducive for learning and doing any other research work at any learning institution.

Reasons Why Temporary Buildings are Useful in Education

The use of temporary structures in learning is increasing by the day. You are likely to find a few classes in any school across the globe. So, what are the main reasons for this?

  •        They are flexible – Temporary structures remain flexible whether they are used in schools or anywhere else. The school can have them positioned in any part of the compound, expanded as needed, or relocated to another location without any challenges. The materials can be reused for other reasons as well.
  •        They are cheap – Compared to building materials for permanent structures, these ones are cheaper. Needless to say, the cost of labor is also relatively low. If you hire reliable experts like smart-space.co.uk, you are likely to save a lot of money while getting superior designs.
  •        They are durable – Buildings that are designed, fabricated and installed by reputable experts are durable. Schools can use them for a long time even if people see them as short-term solutions. Thus, the management must make sure that the experts use durable temporary materials at all times.
  •        They save time – It is a no-brainer that making a temporary classroom will take a shorter time compared to a permanent one. Thus, they can be used when there is an urgent need to accommodate more students without affecting the learning programs.

The Usefulness of Temporary Buildings in Schools

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Most schools go for modular classrooms when they have more students than the current facilities can accommodate. During intakes, mostly at the beginning of the year, schools could have pressure to admit more students if they have built a good reputation. The best solution for such a situation is to have modular classrooms that can be made in a few days if not one.

These buildings can also be used to perform some research projects that require special attention. Further, they can also be used for other facilities like the extension of a dining hall or building a school canteen.


It is pretty obvious that temporary buildings are crucial in schools. In the future, most schools will use this as their preferred structures. If you own a school, you now know the importance of modular classrooms and temporary buildings in education.


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