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Why Study Biomedical Science?

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Biomedical science focuses on the functioning of cells, organs and systems in the human body. It involves a deep study and understanding of the functioning of the human body which helps in the treatment of disease states. People are right when they say that a Biomedical Sciences graduate works to make humans and animals stay healthy.biomedical-science

An exciting field of study

For those students, who wish to make a difference in the health of humankind and animals, biomedical sciences is the field to be in. An exciting field, it imparts knowledge in the basics of anatomical and histological structures, epidemiology, and pharmacology, nutrition, diseases, and immunology. It trains you to deep dive into fields such as cell and molecular biology, parasitology, and toxicology. Research and lab work are key features of a Biomedical Sciences Study Programme.

Biomedical Science Careers – Opportunities abound!

Biomedical Sciences in the UAE is a fast-rising field. A major in Biomedical Sciences has several career opportunities to choose from. S(he) may go on to work in complex disease research like Cancer and AIDS or work in Diagnostics or even work in the field of Biomedical Sciences education. It depends on the aptitude and inclination of the student where s(he) will go and excel. Below is a list of careers to pick from:

  • Biomedical scientist
  • Forensic scientist
  • Healthcare scientist, Clinical Biochemistry
  • Healthcare scientist, Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology
  • Healthcare scientist, Haematology
  • Healthcare scientist, Immunology
  • Microbiologist
  • Research scientist (Medical)
  • Toxicologist
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Application specialists
  • Medical sales representative
  • Nanotechnologist
  • Medical/Science Writer

Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences Program at Gulf Medical University

Gulf Medical University (GMU) has a full-fledged graduate degree course in Biomedical Sciences. Among the leading Colleges in the UAE, our College of Medicine started the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences [BBMS] program in the year 2014.

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BBMS program is innovative and best suited for students who are interested in Biomedical Sciences and are planning a future in Clinical Laboratories/ Medical diagnostics/ Healthcare/ Life science industry or aspire to do cutting-edge Biomedical Research.

BBMS program is of 4-year duration with program learning outcomes aligned to Level 7 of the National Qualifications Framework – QF Emirates and to the Quality Code for Higher Education Subject Benchmark Statement for Biomedical Sciences, UK.

The program comprises of general education courses and a number of core courses which lay a strong foundation in biomedical and clinical laboratory sciences. Research is an important part of the program. Courses in Biostatistics and Research Methodology is followed by a research project in the final year. Thumbay Laboratories, Thumbay Research Institute for Precision Medicine and Thumbay Institute of Population Health support the faculty and students of the college to undertake research.


Students are encouraged to take summer elective training within the country and abroad in either research or diagnostic laboratories as per their interest and choice.

On successful completion of the program, the BBMS graduates will be able to launch into successful careers.

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