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What is the scope and future of MBA in Maritime

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With the growth of industrialization, the MBA has become a promising career option for the youth. The top industries require young boys and girls who are trained in the different aspects of business administration. Studying an MBA has become very lucrative as it comes with a promising growth as well as an incentive.

What is an MBA?

The MBA or Master of Business Administration is a post-graduate degree. It is awarded to students who have mastered the concept of business administration. Students who have already achieved a Bachelor’sDegree in some subjects are eligible for studying MBA.

There are different types of MBA degrees: the traditional two-year MBA degree, a Comprehensive MBA degree which takes one year and an Executive MBA degree.

Most Common MBA Degrees

∙         Accounting

∙         E-Business/E-Commerce

∙         Finance

∙         Economics

∙         Global Management

∙         Marketing

∙         Technology Management

∙         Information Systems

∙         Entrepreneurship

∙         Business Management

∙         Human Resource Management

∙         Operations Management

The above are the more common MBA Degrees. In today’s article, we are going to provide a piece of detailed information about an upcoming promising MBA Degree. We are also going to discuss the scope of shipping and maritime degree in MBA.

What is an MBA in Maritime?

The MBA in Maritime and Shipping Management trains students on maritime business and how to fulfill the requirements of a managerial post in the maritime sector and its associated industries. MBA in Maritime is a popular career choice for candidates who have a keen interest in the shipping industry. The principal objective of this course is to give practical know-how of the maritime business.

It is a two-year full-time post-graduation course. The minimum qualification for pursuing an MBA in maritime is a graduation degree in any subject with a minimum of 55% marks from a recognized university. Admission to this course is purely merit-based. Students appear for an entrance examination followed by a group discussion and viva. There are several Indian as well as International School of Maritime Management.

Subjects taught in MBA in Maritime

∙         Principles and practices of management

∙         Communication skills

∙         Human resource management

∙         Marketing management

∙         Logistics and supply chain management

∙         Elements of shipping management

∙         Elements of port management

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∙         Maritime business environment

∙         Cost and management accounting

∙         International logistics

∙         Warehouse and inventory management

∙         Transport economics and optimization

Other skills taught

∙         Great verbal and written communication skills

∙         Self-motivation

∙         Creativity

∙         Commercial awareness

∙         Leadership qualities

∙         Managerial qualities

∙         Rational thinking

∙         IQ in Numerics

Course fee for MBA in Maritime

The approximate course fee for MBA in Maritime is INR 80,000- INR 6,00,000 per year.

Colleges and Universities offering MBA in Maritime

∙         Berlin School of Business and Innovation: BSBI is located in the heart of Berlin, Germany. Living in Berlin is reasonable and it has great international transport communications, making Berlin a convenient spot for students from all around the world.

BSBI broadens your understanding of the fast-growing shipping industry. The course at BSBI will train on how to apply shipping management techniques and concepts to the international maritime business.

BSBI offers free German classes to all its students.

BSBI’s business degree will allow students to work overseas in a wide arena of marine science, ship operations, and maritime management and operations.

BSBI holds classes on 2 days a week only, so you have the flexibility of earning and studying.

The course fee at BSBI is 13,250 pounds for international students and 7,000 pounds for EU students.

The different modules of BSBI include Marine Geography and Oceanography, Marine Insurance, Leadership Development Programme and Principles of Maritime and Shipping Management.

You can apply online: apply.berlinsbi.com

∙         Indian Maritime University: Indian maritime university offers two MBA courses:

  1. MBA in Port and Shipping Management: this course trains the students in the functional areas of the port and shipping business. It concentrates on subjects like port management, maritime law, and maritime economics.
  2. MBA in International Transportation and Logistics Management: this MBA course trains students in the management of the domestic and international modes of transportation. It concentrates more on logistics management.

The duration of the course is 2 years. Each the academic year is divided into two semesters.

The Indian Maritime University has its campus in Chennai, Cochin, Kolkata, and Vishakhapatnam.

Apart from the above universities, MBA in Maritime is offered by the following:

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∙         Academy of Maritime Education and Training, Kanathur, Tamil Nadu

∙         National Institute of Shipping Management, Mumbai

∙         Narottam Morarjee Institute of Shipping, Mumbai

∙         National Institute of Port Management, Chennai

∙         Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

∙         Indian Institute of Logistics, Chennai

∙         International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Roma, Italy

Scope and future of MBA in Maritime

Maritime and shipping go hand in hand. They play a very important role in international trade and commerce. Due to an increase in international trade, the demand for shipping and maritime has expanded rapidly.

There is a vast scope in the shipping and maritime profession. It is very much in demand. People who are interested to travel the world can pursue an  MBA in Maritime and Shipping. After completing the degree, you can join top-notch shipping companies in India and abroad. As a result of globalization, more and more companies are embracing port management. As a result, the youth doing an MBA in this field is getting a chance to use their analytical skills.

Pay packages for MBA in Maritime and Shipping:

∙         The average salary of a Shipping Manager is approximately Rs 417,600.

∙         The average salary of an Operations Manager is approximately Rs 715,975.

∙         The average salary for a Senior Shipping Manager is Rs 1,096,965.

∙         The average salary of a Port Manager is Rs 1,200,000.

Therefore we can see that the scope and future of doing an MBA in Maritime are fruitful and growth-oriented. There is no scope of stagnation.

The Top Companies hiring the graduates of MBA in Maritime

∙         Shipping Corporation of India

∙         Maritime Pvt Ltd

∙         Global Offshore

∙         Ultratech Cement

∙         Seamen

∙         Reliance def

∙         Mercator

∙         Tradex Shipping

∙         Gujarat Ambuja Cement Limited

∙         Essar Shipping

∙         American Cruise Lines

∙         Ocean Shipping Services Pvt Ltd

The above article provides information on the prospects and future of MBA in Maritime. Maritime and Shipping Industry is very much in trend and if you intend to invest in an MBA course in this genre, you are not going to be a loser. It is a rapidly flourishing industry.

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