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How to End Your College Essay with Solid and Convincing Conclusion

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Essay conclusion is another important part of an essay, where you conclude summery of your theories, research and your points of view about essay topic or subject.

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Actually, for end your essay with a killer conclusion need some extra concern as the theory move from specific to general, such as we already introduce the question and how we’ll proceed to answer it in the introduction section.

We then have our well explained and backed up points set out in paragraphs answering the question and all we need to do now is pull them all together to actually answer the question – this is what the conclusion is there to do.

End essay with solid and convincing conclusion

By Include:

  • Restate your answer to the question;
  • Re-summaries the main points and;
  • A final, broad statement;

Never introduce new information or ideas in the conclusion else it will lose the real meaning of conclusion or its purpose is to round off your essay in short.

However, surprisingly, writing the conclusion is one of the hardest things that people seem to come across. In fact, an otherwise good essay can be reduced significantly by the use of the poor conclusion.

Solid and convincing essay Conclusion –Writing Guide

  • Don’t summaries your points exactly as you wrote them – your conclusion will summaries the overall answer your essay has pointed towards and therefore only needs to be a few lines long.
  • It must be logical and clear – don’t jumble things up just say where your essay has led and state beyond doubt what you, personally, have come to think having conducted the necessary analysis.
  • Be confident in yourself – if your essay is good you have presented a well informed argument and within your rights to answer the question yourself.
  • Summaries paragraph, convince the readers of your position, Challenge them to think about the issue, or encourage them to take action.
  • Never used Phrases such as: As I have said, as I proved, as you can etc.
  • Use Positive Words: Here You have no need to be a skimp for Using helpful words and phrases like:
    1. All in All
    2. Clearly
    3. Definitely
    4. In conclusion
    5. In fact
    6. Obviously
    7. Surly
    8. To sum up
    9. Truly
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One other tip that often goes unnoticed is the fact that in order to write a good essay conclusion you need to first refer back to your opening question or argument. This is something that many people forget in the rush just to get it done.

And it is something that is vital, especially if the paper is quite long. You need to make sure that the conclusion you write adequately addresses your opening thesis, statement or question.

By doing this you can ensure that your conclusion does not take away from the rest of the essay. Once you have written your conclusion, then you should check your entire essay for spelling and grammar mistakes.

For End essay with solid and convincing conclusion you have followed the required style and referencing guidelines throughout. And most importantly double-check that your conclusion really does conclude something!

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