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Distance MBA – Every Thing You Should Know Before You Join One

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Master of business administration is one of the most popular professional courses in India.

There are more than 5500 B-schools in the country and 5.5 lakh seats. Apart from this, there are many universities in India that offer an MBA degree through distance education mode.

Combining both the numbers, the number of students who pass out every year becomes more than 6 lakhs. This number is enough to judge the popularity of the course in India.

The biggest reason people do an MBA is: the demand of business management professionals in India.

India is a growing country and it is growing at a rate of 7%.

Companies working in India required business professionals to grow along with the country growth.

This is the reason they mostly hire individuals who has an MBA degree.

Not only this, People also pursues an MBA degree to get a promotion in their present job.

MBA also enables individual to start their own business and manage it.

A distance MBA is a popular course among the working professionals. Not only it gives freedom to study at your preferred time, it cost way less than a regular MBA program.

A distance MBA is in trend now days, here is everything you should know before you join one.


The first thing you should check before you join a distance education MBA program is its accreditation. In India, all universities who offer a distance education MBA course are required to have a UGC-DEB approval. You can check the UGC approved universities on UGC-DEB official website.

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Territorial Jurisdiction

As per the latest UGC guidelines, a university can only offer a distance MBA program within the state it is located. That means, a university cannot establish study centres outside the state it is located in. A university also cannot conduct examination outside its territory. When you join a MBA program, prefer a university from the state you lives in, otherwise you have to go to the state where university is located to attend the examination.

Fee Structure

Like a regular MBA program, the fee structure of distance MBA program varies university to university. While some distance MBA program cost just INR 40,000, some other cost as much as INR 1,50,000. It is important that you should join an MBA program keeping your budget in mind. All distance learning MBA programs are more or less same, so choose wisely.

Placement Record

Everyone wants to get a placement after completing the course. There are some good distance education universities like Sikkim Manipal University that offers placement assistance to all students after they complete their MBA program from the university.


Like we check reviews of a product before we buy them from online shopping sites, it is a good idea to check reviews and rating of universities offering distance MBA program. This helps us make an informed decision. You check reviews on Google, JustDial, and many other education websites.

Examination Centres

When you plan to join a university, you must check if they have examination centre in your city or nearby. If they don’t have an examination centre nearby or in your city, it may be difficult for you to attend examinations.

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Final Thoughts

A distance education MBA is like a boon for working professionals. They can continue their higher studies without leaving their job. It also helps them climb the ladder of success. Although they should also keep the points we have mentioned above in their mind before they join a program. This will help them choose the right MBA program.

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